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Skruf Nordic Liquorice Review

Skruf Nordic Liquorice Review

Read what our experts think about Skruf Nordic Liquorice in matter of flavor, strength, humidity, fit and lasting. 

Flavor - 3/5

Very distinct salmiak tones that pushes the licorice taste aside, which is a little bit disappointing in my book. Although - are you looking for this kind of flavor, well then this one is very recommended. 

Strength - 3/5

A classic normal strong nicotine pouch with 6 mg of nicotine each. As i said in my review of Loop Salty Ludicris this one is a little bit weak in my opinion. Still provides a nice kick, but not as strong as Ace Liquorice for example. 

Humidity - 4/5

A clear cut runny pouch with enhancing characteristics that really presents that salmiak flavor at its best. It would get a 5 star if it was a little bit dryer, but hey, that’s just my opinion. 

Fit - 5/5

Very nice and soft with a little bit of a wide/slim profile. Easy to pop up under the lip and there it stays. To explain the profile of Skruf Nordic with two words, mine would be: Soft & discreet.

Lasting - 5/5

Skruf Nordic Liquorice really knows what i’m talking about when it comes to this segment. The nicotine and flavor release goes on for days and the pouches tastes exactly the same after 30 minutes as it do in the beginning. Good job, Skruf! 

Using time: Aprox 35-40 minutes. 

Total - 20/25

Well as you might see during this review, Skruf could really jack up their score with some easy fixes. The flavor is a very distinct Salmiak, so if you like it that way, well then it would have got a way higher rating. In other categories, Skruf Nordic really presents it self as a very decent pouch with lots of great qualities. 


These pouches are recommended for regular and new users. 

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