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Loop Salty Ludicris Review

Loop Salty Ludicris Review

Read what our experts think about Loop Salty Ludicris in matter of flavor, strength, humidity, fit and lasting. 

Flavor - 4/5

Very distinct but not to much. Could wish for a little bit more of the salt and less sweetness from the raspberry, although it’s just one guys opinion, so if you are looking for nicotine pouches with a very unique sweet and salt mix, this one is probably exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Strength - 3/5

6 mg of nicotine per pouch may not be exactly what I’m using, but the distinct flavor make it feel stronger than what it actually is which is a HUGE plus. If you are a new or regular user of nicotine pouches, I guess this one would count in as a 5/5! 

Humidity - 5/5

Wow! This is just it! The humidity of the Salty Ludicris is a home run to me! It’s neither to dry or to moist it’s in that ”somewhere in-between-spot” that matches my preferences exactly and really get the flavor a boost. 

Fit - 5/5

 Like many of Haypp’s products this one comes in a slim format. Although this one is a little bit wider and slimmer than its ”competitors” making it get a little bit more grip and therefore a more discreet profile under the lip.

Lasting - 5/5

Early nicotine release with a great balance of that first kick and, afterwards, a long-lasting release. The flavor lasted for days, it just wouldn’t stop. Which is nice of course. Using time: Aprox 35-40 minutes.

Total - 21/25

Well, with the strength ”letdown” but still a 21 out of 25 is, in my opinion, a very decent score. If Loop produces this one as strong or extra strong then I’ve got myself a real homerun. The Salty Ludicris is everything you can wish for in a licorice pouch - Distinct flavor with a hint of some creativity with the raspberry blend. Perfect humidity that gets you that almost cold feeling with the mix of moist and dry. The fit is almost 5/5, the only thing that makes it a 4 is that it could be a little bit softer, although it’s really soft. 


These nicotine pouches are recommended for: New and regular users. 

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LOOP Salty Ludicris Slim Normal Loop LOOP Salty Ludicris Slim Normal £42.90 £4.29 per pc
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