How to use nicotine pouches in times of viruses

How to use nicotine pouches in times of viruses

here is mounting concern about the coronavirus. Here is some advice on how to continue to enjoy your nicotine pouches in a hygienic and responsible way.       


Covid-19 is spread mostly by inhaling droplets released when infected individual coughs or sneezes. If you touch your face after catching the virus on your hands, infectious agents may end up in your nose, mouth or eyes. For someone who uses nicotine pouches, this obviously becomes an issue, since you put the pouch in your mouth after, for example, greeting someone by shaking their hand. Here is some hygiene advice:

Wash your hands – then repeat

Yes, we know you have heard this a million times by now. But, we cannot stress the importance of washing your hands enough.


After putting the pouch in your mouth, make sure you wash thoroughly with soap and water or alternatively: use a hand sanitizer if you do not have access to running water.


Did you shake someone’s hand?

Then perform the same procedure before you use a nicotine pouch.

Don't be generous

It is common knowledge that users of nicotine pouches are a generous bunch. But your friend or colleague simply have to buy their own cans during virus times. You never know where those hands have been...

Your mother does not work here

You obviously have an extra big responsibility for your used nicotine pouches in virus times, although no one should have to tidy up after you in normal times either. Use the trash or the lid on the top of the can when your pouch is finished.

Your pouches are hygienically manufactured

In the industrial manufacture of nicotine pouches, the same strict rules apply as for the manufacture of food products. For example, the water used in manufacturing must meet the same requirements as for drinking water. In addition, parts of the EU regulation on food hygiene must be followed, such as the requirements for premises, transport, equipment, personal hygiene and staff training. Manufacturing nicotine pouches is a clean business!

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