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Get involved today for the future of nicotine pouches

Get involved today for the future of nicotine pouches

Are you a nicotine pouch consumer, or are you interested in questions related to the product category and its future? You now have the chance to get involved through the editorial platform Pouch Patrol. Pouch Patrol is an initiative with the purpose of raising awareness and understanding of nicotine pouches as a less harmful alternative to cigarettes. The editorial platform publishes information on nicotine pouches and European tobacco- and health policy, which is primarily aimed at consumers but also decision-makers, opinion leaders, and others interested in the subject. It can be about health issues, research, politics, trends, or anything else that is important for the future of the product category. 

Take part in the initiative 

Do you want to be part of Pouch Patrol, and stand up for the right to less harmful nicotine products? Pouch Patrol lists several tips on simple things you can do to support the cause. By signing petitions, subscribing to newsletters, and sharing articles on social media, via e-mail, or in online forums, you can help secure the future of nicotine pouches.

Do you have tips on what should be included on the list, issues, trends, or research that should be mentioned? Or maybe a personal testimonial you would like to share? Please reach out!

Read more and get involved today!

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