Find your favorite nicotine pouch flavour! 

We have divided our flavors into seven different categories;


Fruity - Packed with fresh and fruity flavors that deliver a sweet and milder taste experience. Popular amongst first time users.  


Citrus - A more intensive type of flavoring that delivers a strong refreshing kick! Choose citrus if you like your nicotine pouches both sweet and refreshing! 


Mint & menthol - The biggest range of strengths. In this category you'll find everything from mini pouches with just a hint of nicotine to Large extra strong portions packed with nicotine and flavor. 


Coffee - Great to start your day with ig you're a coffee lover. The flavor reminds a bit of sweet cafe latte. 


Berry - Strawberry, raspberry - you name it. In this category you'll find nice nicotine pouches in many different strengths and flavors.


Classic - Very discreet flavor that reminds a bit of tobacco and Swedish snus. 


Liquorice - Great variety of different strengths and flavors where some of the pouches delivers a sweet licorice flavor and some of them more salty touch.