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The different strengths of nicotine pouches

The different strengths of nicotine pouches

We've categorized our products in 4 different segments in matter of strength - Light, Normal, Strong & Extra Strong. Find out which one that fits you the best here!

Our products are divided into four categories based on nicotine strength; Light, Normal, Strong and Extra Strong. We recommend starting with a lighter strength as the nicotine release is more intense compared to other nicotine products. 


First-time users might also experience a slight burn under the lip which will gradually reduce as the body’s oral system gets used to the product. Some flavors, such as lemon and mint can intensify this feeling.  


Light:                0-3 mg nicotine per pouch

Normal:            3-7 mg nicotine per pouch

Strong:             7-11 mg nicotine per pouch

Extra Strong:   11+ mg nicotine per pouch

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