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ZYN Flavours

Check out the full assortment of ZYN flavours here on Haypp. With 6 to choose from across 4 different strengths, you'll find plenty to match whatever mood you're in when it comes to tobacco-free nicotine.

ZYN Flavours Range 

ZYN is one of our bestselling nicotine pouch brands, and with good reason! You'll find 6 different flavoursome varieties now available in two pouch formats (Slim vs Mini).  

Have a browse through the list and see which ones stand out to you: 

  • - Icy Mint 
  • - Cool Mint 
  • - Icy Blackcurrant 
  • - Citrus 
  • - Espressino 
  • - Chilli Guava 




Different ZYN Flavour Formats & Strengths

Whether you're after a refreshing blast of menthol, the smooth notes of coffee and vanilla or the more unexpected combination of heat and sweetness, ZYN has got you covered.  

Here's a breakdown of each flavours' pouch format and nicotine concentration (measured in milligrams per pouch). 

Icy MintStrong (9.5mg) & XX-Strong (12.5mg)
Cool MintStrong (9.5mg) & X-Strong (11mg)Strong (6mg)
Icy BlackcurrantXX-Strong (12.5mg)
CitrusStrong (6mg)
EspressinoStrong (6mg)
Chilli GuavaX-Strong (11mg)

Our Bestselling ZYN Flavours 

Top of Haypp's bestseller list is ZYN Citrus, ideal for those chasing a nicotine pouch experience with more zing. This is closely followed by ZYN Cool Mint and ZYN Icy Blackcurrant (the latest addition to the XX-Strong flavour range, already proving that menthol and forest fruits are a winning combination). 

ZYN Flavours Review 

We see the brand getting praise from mint lovers, as well as people who are looking for an alternative to smoking or vaping. The range of flavours and strength options in both ZYN Slim and ZYN Mini only adds to the brand's growing appeal in the UK.

Don't forget to let us know what you think about any ZYN nicotine products you've ordered through Northerner by leaving a comment or review!