Zyn Cool Mint Mini Light

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ZYN Cool Mint Mini Light is small, discreet and dry nicotine pouches with an ice cold feeling of menthol and a hint of peppermint. 

The all-white pouches are small with a dry texture and start delivering flavour and nicotine when they become a little humid in the mouth.


All of the ZYN Cool Mint products have a childproof can and will be opened like this:

- Align the arrows marked on the sides of the lid and the bottom container.

- Squeeze the container between the two opposite arrows and lift the lid.


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Camilla, 30 September 2019


Good mint flavor - Translated review from our partner website

Kris, 14 September 2019

Really good

After been a smoker then a vaper these pouches are really good. They provide the right amount of nicotine with good amount of mint flavour. Haven't tried any other pouches yet so can't compare to anything but will definitely buy again.

Oliver Harrison, 8 May 2019

Not really snus, but OK

Small powdery pouches, very sweet, really more like NRT chewing gum than Snus. Not as nice as Lyft which in turn is not as nice as Epok. However I can that this will have its fans and is surely better than vaping! Also (along with Lyft etc) a neat way round the EU's stupid ban on snus that contains tobacco. Not for me but I'm glad I tried it.

Olle, 18 February 2019

Fresh mint flavour

Dry mint

Short facts
Brand Zyn
Product type All White Portion
Format Mini
Strength Light
Nicotine strength (mg/pouch) 3
Content per can (gram) 8
Flavour Mint
Pouches per can 20
Weight per pouch (gram) 0.4
Producer Swedish Match
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