Velo Polar Mint Mini Less Intense Nicotine Pouches

Velo Polar Mint Mini Light
£41.99 (£4.20 per pc)
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Velo Polar Mint Mini - Small Nicotine Pouches with a nice and refreshing flavour of mint

Each can contains 20 less intense portions with a nicotine content of 2 mg per pouch
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Velo Polar Mint Mini - Small and discreet nicotine pouches that are easy to use anywhere, at any time - just put it under the lip. 

The low nicotine content of 4 mg per pouch together with the nice and well-rounded flavour of mint makes Velo Polar Mint Mini a perfect choice for anyone new to pouches. 


Velo is a brand from British America Tobacco - BAT, also famous for brands like Lyft and Epok


Each can contains 20 mini portions. 

Short facts
Brand Velo
Content per can (gram) 10
Format Mini
Nicotine strength (mg/pouch) 4
Pouches per can 20
Product type Nicotine Pouches
Weight per pouch (gram) 0.5
Strength Less Intense
Flavour Mint
Producer BAT