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What are Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches?

What are Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches?

1 in every 4 cans sold on Haypp is Nordic Spirit, but what is it about this particular brand of nicotine pouch that makes it so popular? Get to know Nordic Spirit here. 

What is Nordic Spirit?

Nordic Spirit has quickly become one of the UK’s premier nicotine pouch brands since launching here in 2019. Inspired by the Nordic tradition of “snus,” the Swedish company has developed their own tobacco-free pouches as a discreet and convenient alternative to smoking and vaping. Their range on Haypp consists of 10 different flavours, four different strengths and two different pouch sizes for your enjoyment. 

Nordic Spirit Features




Mini (3mg per pouch); Regular (5.5mg per pouch); Strong (8.3mg per pouch); Extra Strong (10.3mg per pouch)


Each plant-based fibre pouch contains tobacco-free nicotine and a chewing gum base; food-grade flavourings; some fillers to help with the consistency and texture of the pouch; plus minerals commonly used in baking to reduce the acidity.


20 pouches in each can (sold individually or in packs of 5, 10 and 20)


£4.99 for a single can; up to £87.80 for a 20-pack

Nordic Spirit Flavours

There are 10 different flavours of Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches:


  • - Nordic Spirit Mint
  • - Nordic Spirit Spearmint
  • - Nordic Spirit Bergamot Wildberry
  • - Nordic Spirit Elderflower
  • - Nordic Spirit Watermelon
  • - Nordic Spirit Mocha
  • - Nordic Spirit Frosty Mint
  • - Nordic Spirit Frosty Berry
  • - Nordic Spirit Sweet Mint
  • - Nordic Spirit Raspberry

Not sure which ones to try? Our Nordic Spirit Review of five bestselling flavours could help you narrow it down! 

How to use Nordic Spirit

  1. 1. Break the seal of your can along the perforated edge. 

  2. 2. Select a pouch and “park” it between your top lip and gum (there might be a tingling sensation while the pouch settles, or if you’re unaccustomed to these sorts of products). 

  3. 3. Go about your business as if the pouch wasn't there! The main appeal of hands-free nicotine is that you can continue whatever task you were doing without interruption. 

  4. 4. Remove the pouch whenever you’re ready and dispose of it in the handy waste compartment in the lid. Simple! 

Nordic Spirit Strengths

You can adjust the level of nicotine in your Nordic Spirit snus by choosing between: 

  • - Mini: 3mg per pouch 
  • - Regular: 5.5mg per pouch 
  • - Strong: 8.3mg per pouch
  • - Extra Strong: 10.3mg per pouch 

Regular Nordic Spirit pouches are the most popular strength purchased by Haypp customers, closely followed by Strong and Extra Strong.

Nordic Spirit Pouch Sizes

The nicotine pouch itself comes in either a Slim or Mini format. Both are designed to be comfortable and discreet when in use, with the only major difference being that Mini pouches are slightly smaller and more square than rectangular. This obviously affects the nicotine content as Mini pouches contain less nicotine (3mg) compared to Slim pouches (5.5mg). The choice between them is based on your level of nicotine tolerance and personal preference! 

Nordic Spirit Price

A single can of Nordic Spirit contains 20 individual pouches and costs around £4.99, but you may wish to capitalise on some savings by buying a 5, 10 or 20 pack instead (reducing the cost per can). 

Where to Buy Nordic Spirit in the UK?  

As one of the top brands in the UK, you'll find Nordic Spirit available wherever nicotine pouches and vapes are sold. Ordering your Nordic Spirit through an online retailer like us will reduce the cost per can though, especially when buying in bulk.  

At Haypp, we continuously run promotional campaigns and offer discounts to pass on good value to you, our customers. We guarantee the quality and freshness of all products we sell and ship from local warehouses at no extra charge, so you can enjoy your snus as soon as possible. 

Please note that these products are intended for adults and therefore require an 18+ signature upon delivery. Read more order and delivery information here. 


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