What are Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches?

What are Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches?

These Swedish-made nicotine pouches are made from plant-based fibres and flavouring, nicotine and a gum-base. Nordic Spirit pouches are available in three flavours in the UK – Mint, Elderflower, and Bergamot Wildberry, while in Sweden there is a wider range of tastes. Interestingly, there is a hint of bergamot that runs throughout the flavours, which intentionally gives these pouches a slightly more traditional snus taste.

How to use Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches

Place the pouch underneath your top lip, against your gums. When you first put the pouch under your lip you may feel a tingling sensation. This is normal and may last for about 15 minutes. Nordic Spirit recommends the cool Mint flavour for beginners, as it provides a sense of freshness without being overwhelming or adding an additional burn to that tingling sensation – which is a rarity for mint flavours.

Nordic Spirit pouches have a slim design, and the advantage of consuming nicotine pouches is their discretion, as you can use them in public spaces without anyone else noticing. Nordic Spirit pouches can be kept in your mouth for up to an hour, after which you should discard them in the trash or place them in the storage area of the can’s lid until you can throw them out responsibly.

What’s inside the Nordic Spirit packaging?

The Nordic Spirit cans are made from recyclable material and contain 20 pouches per pack. These pouches are all white, which means that they do not stain your teeth and tend to drip less during use.

There are also four different strengths available. Each can displays a circle rating of one to four on the front, with four being the highest level of nicotine. Four out four circles tends to sit between 9 mg/g to 12 mg/g of nicotine per pouch, while the lower levels tend to start at around 6 mg/g.


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