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Vapes and nicotine pouches could save tens of thousands of Britons

New study: Vapes, snus and nicotine pouches could save tens of thousands of Britons every year.

The ‘Fighting smoking with alternative nicotine products’ study from Lakeville shows that alternative nicotine products - such as vapes, snus and nicotine pouches - are crucial to helping smokers quit for good. The report concludes that the proportion of smokers in a country has less to do with taxes and regulations and more to do with the availability of less harmful nicotine alternatives. In the UK up 28 410 lives could be saved every year. And that is only among men – since the study is based on data available on the male population.





In Sweden just over five per cent smoke. This means that in the very near future, Sweden will become Europe's first officially smoke-free country according to the WHO. The younger generations, up to the age of 44, are in fact already smoke-free. So, what is it that makes Sweden so successful?


The result from the Lakeville study is clear: By allowing the sale and use of snus, vapes and nicotine pouches, the proportion of non-smoking nicotine users has increased in both Sweden and Norway at the expense of smoking. This is especially evident among the younger generations.



The Lakeville report has calculated how the number of deaths due to smoking and the number of cancer cases would change if the Swedish tobacco policy were to be introduced in other European countries.






According to the study ‘Fighting smoking with alternative nicotine products’, higher cigarette prices can contribute to a faster reduction in smoking, as is the case in the UK with actually higher prices on cigarettes than Sweden.


However, with restricted or highly regulated alternative nicotine products available on the market, the full potential will not be reached.


In order for the UK to realistically achieve smoke-free status as soon as possible, the British population must have the same opportunities as Swedes and Norwegians has had for quite a while - that is to choose more and safer nicotine products instead of smoking.




For UK - with its current national policy - there are 43 534 smoking attributable deaths among men each year. If the UK were to introduce Swedish pricing, there would actually mean less saved lives (8 880). But if the UK were to introduce Swedish policy as if, 28 410 lives could be saved.


  • - British public health is at stake
  • - Higher tax rate and prices on cigarettes is not enough to make smokers quit.
  • - The potential of vapes, snus and nicotine pouches as a harm reduction instrument is greatly underestimated.
  • - Thanks to snus and nicotine pouches, Sweden will become Europe’s first smoke-free country.
  • - A policy allowing the sales of vapes, snus and nicotine pouches is estimated to reduce the number of male smoking-attributable deaths with tens of thousands of Britons every year. And even more if women were to be included.


More about the study


Haypp Group AB has commissioned Dr. David Sundén from Lakeville to assess the potential of snus and nicotine pouches as an instrument to reduce public health harm from tobacco smoking in the EU. The evaluation results can estimate the possible long-term health effects.


The potential of snus and nicotine pouches as harm reduction instruments is assessed by calculating the reduction in smoking deaths and cancer cases under the assumption that the Swedish tobacco policy would be implemented in other European countries. The study and calculations are done on men only, as there is more relevant data available on men.


Lakeville are experts in socio-economic analyses, studies and evaluations. The starting point is economic science complemented by statistical and other empirical methods of analysis.


This is the fourth study that Lakeville has done on the subject.


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