In honour of our Swedish heritage we want to invite you to celebrate the most Swedish holiday of them all with us - Midsummer! 

To celebrate we're going to make the website a hiding nest for different symbols that are synonymous with midsummer. Each symbol contains different discounts to use in the checkout. But hurry up, they can be limited so don't think twice!  


< Scroll down to check out the symbols and the information about each one of them >

The midsummerhunt has got some ground rules so that everyone hunt with the same prerequisites.


There are 3 different types of symbols - Blue, Red &  Green. 


Some of the symbols do have a limited amount of discounts hidden. Here it is the law of the jungle that applies -

First to find the symbol, get to use it.


1 code per person.


You need to be 18 years of age or older to be able to order from


The last day of hunting is Sunday 21/06


When you find a symbol. Click on it to receive your discount


Discount: 30%


Amount of discounts hidden: 10


Maximum order: 30 cans


Mixpacks are not included

10-pack of the week is not included


Discount: 20%


Amount of discounts hidden: 20


Maximum order: Unlimited


Mixpacks are not included

10-pack of the week is not included


Discount: 10%


Amount of discounts hidden: Unlimited


Maximum order: Unlimited