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Can of the month


Can of the month is a concept that has been developed primarily for you as a customer with us at Haypp. During certain months, we'll add an extra can of nicotine pouches for each order* completely at no extra cost.

The specific can will not be visible at checkout due to that it will be placed manually in the package from our warehouse.


Can of the month is basically our way of saying thank you for being with us on this journey! 


*One order per person per day. 


February - ZYN Cool Mint Mini Normal Strong 


Shape: Mini. Very easy to pop under the lip and a perfect choice if you're looking for something very discreet. 


Rinse: Dry. A clear cut flavour bomb! All though it's small and doesn't provide that much rinse it still has a lot of taste coming from it. 

Usage: 35-40 minutes.


As we went down in profile-segment this one is not that much of size or rinse but still provides a lot of taste. 


ZYN Cool Mint Mini isn't providing that unique mint-flavour like some other products in our assortment but if you're a sucker for classic mint, well I can't find anything more perfect for you in this category. 


Compared to other mint-pouches in our assortment I would say this one is somewhere in the middle of providing flavour, which I guess is a good grade for something so small and discreet. 


Release of flavour: 30-35 minutes.



Here's the one we've all been waiting for. Strength! 


ZYN Cool Mint Mini holds 6 mg of nicotine per pouch making it classified as normal strong on our scale. Due to that it's a mini pouch the effect of the nicotine is a bit higher than a slim portion with the same strength. 


The nicotine effect really kicks early and holds on for a good amount of time. 

Kick after: Approx 5 minutes.
Nicotine Release: 30 minutes.


It's time to put some ending words to ZYN Cool Mint Mini Normal Strong. Exciting! 

For starters I really liked how the combination of the discreet pouchsize and the dry profile got together, it kind of didn't felt like I had something under the lip for a while. Although after that while the nicotine from my upper lip-friend kicked in and reminded me it existed. 

As mentioned before, the flavour is nothing but a classic mint which I guess is a good review in many cases.


So to put this in a more concrete perspective let's put up a total score.

Profile: 3/5. 

Great Mini and great dryness! It's a 5/5-mini but for me, I can't score it higher than a 3.

Flavour: 4/5. 

I'm a sucker for classic mint and due to the high taste from such a small and dry pouch I need to up my score a bit.

Strength: 4/5. 

It's a pretty strong mini and has a great release of nicotine compared to other products of that size, but to get the top score I would prefer the nicotine content a bit higher.

Total score: 11/15.