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Ace SuperWhite

The future is here! Say hello to Ace SuperWhite, the new star in the sky of Nicotine Pouches, made with transparency and sincerity.

Slim, soft and discreet pouches from the All White segment that get you nicotine for up to an hour and doesn’t stain your teeth - everything for the ultimate nicotine experience. In the assortment that Ace offer you’ll find strong and powerful pouches in a handful of different flavours - Get that fresh kick of Cool Mint or that nice and loose feeling with the sweet flavour of Eucalyptus!

Ace’s cans is made in a cylindrical shape which makes it easier to open. Read more about cans in our Nicopedia. This combined with the handy lid for used pouches at the top of the can makes it super easy to bring along for any everyday-activity!

Get your Ace on - And join the universe of ultra clean nicotine pouches from The Ministry today!

Shop Ace Superwhite Today

If you want the ultimate nicotine experience, look no further than Ace Superwhite pouches. Apart from offering you an amazingly fresh kick, our nicotine pouches also come in different strengths to satisfy your needs. So, with eight different flavours to choose from, pick one of your favourite Ace Nicotine pouches today. Whether you are looking for strong or extra strong pouches, we've got you covered.


  • - An array of flavours


  • - Ace tobacco free snus


  • - Strong and extra strong levels

Try Ace Superwhite tobacco free snus

Here at Haypp, our Ace Superwhite products come in small cylindrical cans that you can carry everywhere. Just place the pouch under your upper lip and enjoy the taste. Browse our impressive range of Ace Superwhite UK products and choose from an array of different flavours. These range from cool mint strong, guarana chilli, cool mint extra strong, liquorice, and green lemon. We also have eucalyptus and citrus. In addition to our refreshing tastes, our pouches won't stain your teeth,

Ace Superwhite strengths and flavours

Our collection of Ace Superwhite products comes in different flavours and strengths. Whether you are looking for a strong or extra strong taste, we have what you need. Get that refreshing kick with our Cosmic Cool Mint pouch or opt for our Guarana Chili Boost slim pouches. Alternatively, try our Green Lemon Slim extra strong for that delicious citrus flavour. Take a look at our collection today and choose a convenient alternative to nicotine.

Everything you need to know about Ace Superwhite

To keep Ace Superwhite pouches fresh, they are best stored cold or at room temperature. Ace Superwhite products are all tobacco-free. They are for more experienced users with flavours that last, on average, between 10 and 30 minutes. However, this can vary from one person to another depending on how you use the pouch. Each contains between 18 to 20 pouches and most users get through approximately four cans a week.