VID Perfect Pear Slim Strong

VID Perfect Pear Slim Strong
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VID Perfect Pear - Fruity nicotine pouches with a nicotine content of 8,4 mg per portions. Making them classified as strong.

Each can contain 20 slim pouches. 
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VID Perfect Pear is strong and has a flavour combination of vanilla and pear. The portions are slim and contain 8,4 mg of nicotine per pouch.

VID is completely new nicotine pouches with several exciting flavor combinations, completely free of tobacco. VID's cans are CO2 emission neutral, both in terms of manufacturing and materials.

Each can contain 20 discreet portions.

Short facts
Brand VID
Content per can (gram) 14
Flavour Fruit
Format Slim
Nicotine strength (mg/pouch) 8.4
Pouches per can 20
Product type Nicotine Pouches
Weight per pouch (gram) 0.7
Strength Strong
Producer Kurbits Snus AB