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What is XQS

What are XQS nicotine pouches? An explanation

Haypp tells you how to use XQS nicotine pouches, as well as what flavours and strengths are available, what the packaging looks like, and what the pouches contain.

Interestingly, before it began to produce nicotine pouches, XQS was already known on the market for its innovative tobacco and nicotine-free loose snus offerings. With this background, it is not surprising that XQS’ tobacco-free nicotine pouch range has become such a firm favourite among users.


What flavours and strengths does XQS offer?

Regardless of which flavour you choose, all of XQS' nicotine pouches have a strength of 10 mg per pouch. So you can base your choice purely on flavour – of which XQS has plenty.

The tastes on offer from XQS are very unique within the nicotine pouch market, as they offer sweet flavours like Pipe Candy, Blueberry Mint, and Twin Apple, as well as the more tart palates of Cactus Sour and Black Cherry.


How are XQS nicotine pouches packaged?

The XQS nicotine pouch cans are very eye catching with bright and bold colours that stand out on the shelf. Each can has a black lower half that bears the XQS logo, and a colourful top half that alludes to the flavour, such as purplish blue hue for Blueberry Mint and a dark red colour for Black Cherry.

Each can contains 20 pouch portions.

The pouches are all made in a slim size, which means that they fit snuggly and discreetly between your top lip and gums, without a tell-tale bulge to show that you are using a nicotine pouch. This discretion really embodies the purpose of nicotine pouches – a nicotine product that can be used anywhere at any time.


What do XQS nicotine pouches contain?

Even though these pouches contain no tobacco, they do still contain 10 mg of nicotine per pouch – to give you that nicotine boost that you are looking for.

The pouches also contain fillers and commonplace food ingredients such as distilled water, acidity regulators, sweeteners, aromas to create the flavours, salt and propylene glycol.

The ingredients found in XQS nicotine pouches classify the products as all white, which means that drip is minimised, allowing the flavour and nicotine strength to last longer. The all white characteristic also means that you will not stain your teeth by consuming XQS nicotine pouches

Another perk of the ingredients is the fact that you do not need to keep your XQS pouches in the fridge. As these pouches are dry, you can conveniently carry them in your pocket or bag at all times – but be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight so that they do not dry out completely.

As some moisture is needed to kick start the nicotine absorption process, be sure to add some saliva to the pouch when you use it. You can do this by using your tongue to position the pouch in place under your lip.

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