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What is the Vuse Pro? Learn more and shop the Vuse Pro pod kit on Haypp UK!

What is the Vuse Pro? An Expert Vuse Pro Review

Vuse is a well known vape brand, best known for their Vuse Go disposable vape - now they are further developing their range of other vape devices such as the Vuse Pro pod kit. While a pod kit typically gives a similar experience to the disposable, does the Vuse Pro level up to the other Vuse vapes? Check out our review of the Vuse Pro vape! Our experts focus on the most important factors you should look at when buying a vape including the features, setup, flavours, performance and price. Read on for our in-house experts full review!

Overview of the Vuse Pro Pod Kit

Before we get into the nitty gritty and all the finer details of the review, it is important to know the basics. To use a Vuse Pro pod kit, you will need two parts: the Vuse Pro device and a set of compatible Vuse Pro pre-filled pods. 
The device itself comes with a metallic design that is splash-proof and has optimised heating technology to help with the efficiency of your vape. The device can be recharged and is MTL compatible. Each Vuse Pro kit comes with:

  • 1x Vuse Pro device
  • 1x Magnetic USB charging cable
  • 1x User Guide

Once you have a Vuse Pro kit, you need to add the other component - Vuse Pro pods (sold separately). These pods are sold in packs of 2 pre-filled pods that come in a range of different nicotine strengths and flavours. 

Vuse Pro Design and Setup



"Off the bat, I like the structure of the device. It is sturdy and definitely has a bit of weight to it which makes it nice to hold. The device is around the size I’d expect for a vape kit device: the device is larger than a typical disposable vape pen, but that is quite often the case with pod kit devices as they often pack in more power and features. When you open the box, you will find the Vuse Pro device in a sealed plastic packet with a simple tear seal, as well as the magnetic charging cable and user guide to help you get started with your kit. The device was relatively easy to set up - I plugged it in to charge it and was up and running quickly. Vuse advertises that the device can get to an impressive 80% charge in just 35 minutes, which I found to be accurate - but you can still use the Vuse Pro as the device charges, which is a great feature. Each Vuse Pro device also now features better battery indication lights, so you are getting visual cues on the health of your device and when you need to recharge before it's too late. As for the styling of the device, it is very sleek and comes in a range of metallic colours (but my favourite is the metallic black Vuse Pro pen) - which definitely adds to its appeal. 

One of the best things about disposable vapes is that they are straightforward to set up - while the Vuse Pro needs charging to get started, unlike the Vuse disposables, it is still super straightforward to set up. You need to just charge the device, connect a Vuse Pro pod and get started - no buttons or other menu systems are on the device, working with inhale activation similar to other rechargeable vape kits. 
Overall, I like how the pen itself is a little chunkier - even though it is a bit bigger and less pocket friendly, it feels much sturdier than a classic vape pen and like it will keep running charge after charge. These devices also get plus points for being user-friendly, even though they are a pod kit, the still are straightforward to setup and get started with. All of this sets the Vuse Pro review off to a good start with a solid 4 stars for the device!"

Vuse Pro Flavours

Vuse Pro pods come in a selection of different flavours,  and there are currently over 30 different flavours to choose from. To avoid making this review too long by giving a deepdive into each Vuse Pro pods flavour, I tested the top 3 Vuse Pro pods on Haypp (based on customer purchasing data):

Vuse Pro Mint Ice Review


Flavour Description: “A balanced blend of peppermint and mint flavours.”

"Mint Ice - seems a little counter intuitive right? Two mint flavours, how does that work? It sounds odd or like it may be a basic mint flavour, but it definitely is one of my favourite mint pods that I have tried. It has a mixture of peppermint, which is one of the sweeter mint flavours, with menthol to cut through the sweetness as you exhale. I get why this is a popular choice with Haypp customers, as it offers a cooling alternative for vapers who are not so keen on fruity flavoured vapes. As a lover of the sweeter vape flavours, this wouldn’t usually be a flavour I gravitate towards but I appreciate this well balanced vape and it offered a much needed change from my fruity vapes. Overall, I think if you are a fan of ice flavours or like a sweet mint vape flavour, consider trying the Vuse Pro Mint Ice pods!”

Vuse Pro Watermelon Ice


Flavour Description: “A blend of watermelon and mint flavours.”

"What I like about Vuse in general is that they offer more quality options than just fruit flavours - but this doesn’t mean they have forgotten the fruit flavours! This flavour of Vuse Pro pod has a classic vape flavour combination, so I can see why Northerner customers have been gravitating towards these pods. These pods definitely have a strong flavour, with the sweet watermelon being super noticeable on the inhale, and a mint chill coming through to cut through the sweetness as you exhale. This flavour is definitely more my cup of tea compared to the Mint Ice: it is fruity, but well balanced with the mint that helps the flavour not come across as overly sweet. Each puff gives a strong and consistent flavour - can recommend trying these Vuse Pro pods if you like the watermelon and mint combo!"

Vuse Pro Berry Watermelon


Flavour Description: “A mix of red berries and watermelon with an icy cool finish.”

"Surprise, another flavour from Vuse that is not super sweet! While you may expect this flavour to be *very* sweet as you are combining two strong fruit flavours that can often taste very artificial, this combination has a slight cool mint note that cuts through the flavours to avoid the flavour being too overly sweet.  This flavour combination is actually a good vape flavour choice and has been well balanced. These two sweet fruit flavours are balanced well and are both super present on the inhale. The fact they managed to capture the sweet notes of the watermelon and the slight tart notes you can get from the berries adds dimension to the flavour - it is definitely a solid choice of Vuse Pro pod if you like a slightly sweeter pod option."

Vuse Pro Overall Performance


"You are probably wondering how good the battery life is considering that it can charge quickly and can even be used while charging. From my experience, I found that the device definitely powered a full 1-1 ½ pods, and performed consistently up to the final puffs consistently. It is definitely a device that will keep powered for a longer period of time and constantly delivers the vape juice flavour, even after using it back to back which gives it a solid 4 star rating."

Vuse Pro Prices


"When buying a Vuse Pro kit, you need to factor in two costs: the cost for the device kit (a one time cost) and the cost for the pods (which are sold separately and you will need to buy new ones each time you run out). 

For the Vuse Pro device itself, it’ll cost you £3.99 for a single kit, which makes it one of the cheaper starter kits on the market - however, the initial starter kit does not come with a pod, unlike a lot of other vape pod kits. As for the pods you will need, the prices for a pack of 2 Vuse Pro pods start at £3.60 (or £1.80 per pod). While spending around £7.60 for the setup might seem like quite a lot to shell out, the device is a one time cost and the pods end up coming out cheaper than a disposable vape in the long run if you use your Vuse Pro vape kit regularly. It is a good price for a vape kit that can be recharged and used time and time again, plus you can even get multipack deals on your Vuse Pro pods so you can make sure you always have your favourite pods on hand while also getting the best prices. "

Vuse Pro Review: Overall Verdict


"Overall, based on all the factors we looked at throughout this Vuse Pro review, I think the Vuse Pro pod kit is a solid choice for vapers who want a solid MTL compatible option, especially if you want a disposable vape-like experience that is more cost effective but has a similar experience. The main cons are that the pods are disposable, which means it is not the most environmentally friendly as you cannot break them down to recycle them. However, overall the Vuse Pro kit is a good vape pod kit option. If Vuse can make their pods more sustainable or recyclable, they will get the full 5 stars from me."

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