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SKE Crystal 4-in-1: How It Works

SKE Crystal 4-in-1: How It Works

SKE is one of the UK’s favourite vaping brands. After all, this is the brand that’s already given us the SKE Crystal, and the SKE Amare, both of which are famed for benefits like battery reliability and solid flavour choices. 

But as brands including Lost Mary and Elf Bar found ways to release high-puff options that remain TPD compliant, SKE needed to do something new. And, that’s a goal they’ve perfected with the release of their SKE Crystal 4-in-1 pod kits

Designed to enable as many as 2400 puffs across an innovative pod kit that’s changing the face of vaping as we know it, the SKE 4-in-1 is a product worth delving into. Join us as we do precisely that in this inclusive SKE 4-in-1 review, which will consider both what the Crystal 4-in-1 is, and how exactly it works when you’re using it. 

What is the SKE Crystal 4-in-1?

The SKE Crystal 4-in-1 is a vaping pod kit off the back of the Crystal range we already know and love. Design-wise, these 4-in-1 pods look like something fresh out of a science lab, and they’re performing some pretty impressive feats to back that appearance. 

SKE’s 4-in-1 kits are rechargeable pod kits that include a rotatable barrel mechanism which allows users to switch seamlessly between four different refills. Each one of these 2ml pods delivers 600 puffs, meaning that this kit has 4x the longevity of most disposable vapes. In fact, with individual coils included in the pods, rather than the device, the only disposable thing about this product is the pods themselves.

That makes the SKE Crystal 4-in-1 a cost-effective, efficient, and hassle-free vaping solution for individuals who love disposables, but hate the hassle they can bring.

How Does SKE 4-in-1 Work?

4-in-1 pod kits include a mixed-chamber SKE Crystal vaping device, and four varied 2 ml prefilled pods that are available in several different packs, including sixteen pre-filled pods or four multi-flavour packs. When your device arrives, you should insert all four pods, which you can do easily by rotating and removing the mouthpiece. Once your pods are in place, a spinning pod clip makes it possible to switch flavours in seconds. 

Each SKE 4-in-1 kit battery is designed to last for the entire 2400 puffs, though the battery is also rechargeable using a USB-C cable (not included) to ensure a long-lasting disposable vaping device.

SKE 4-in-1: Specifications

  • - 950mAh USB-C rechargeable battery 
  • - Mesh coil with 1.1ohm resistance
  • - 4 pod capacity - 600 puffs each
  • - 20 mg nicotine strength
  • - TPD compliant

How To Set Up the SKE 4-in-1

The SKE 4-in-1 might look like an impressive piece of equipment, but these vapes are designed with the user in mind. Set up couldn’t be easier, and includes the following simple steps –

1. Rotate and remove the kit cap

2. Insert Crystal 4-in-1 pods into one of four chambers

3. Replace and lock the cap

4. Use the rotating display panel to choose your favourite flavour

5. Inhale on the mouthpiece to begin vaping

SKE 4-in-1: The Best Features

SKE’s 4-in-1 offering has some impressive features that help it stand apart from other market contenders. And, no, we’re not just talking about an impressive 2400 puffs and interchangeable flavour pods. In reality, the 4-in-1 offers a whole load of design features that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere, including –

Iconic design: The SKE 4-in-1 takes its inspiration from the clear design of the SKE’s Crystal range but in a turbo package. Key design features include a large removable mouthpiece, a rotating pod chamber, and a range of cool colour combinations.

Battery: The 4-in-1 comes complete with a 950 mAh battery that lasts for the full 2400 puffs this device promises. The battery also benefits from USB type-C recharging, which makes these vapes a reliable option on-the-go.

Rotating pod mechanism: Its rotating pod mechanism has to be the best thing about the SKE 4-in-1. This is where the device gets its puff power, as it allows users to easily switch between four different pre-loaded pod flavours using a convenient twist mechanism. 

Game-changing flavour pods: The SKE 4-in-1 is also changing the face of disposable vapes by putting coils inside the pods, rather than the device itself. The result? Disposable pods, and a device that lasts for as long as you want to use it considering the battery’s reacharging capabilities.

Flavour indicators: Know what flavour you’re choosing, and how much liquid you have left, with the help of 4-in-1 flavour indicators that include a side window and arrows on every pod. 

How do SKE 4-in-1 Flavours Work?

Choosing flavours for your SKE 4-1-in is a little more complex than just picking up a ready-loaded disposable, mainly because you’ve got four flavour choices to play around with. Popular 4-in-1 flavours include standard flavours like Blueberry Sour Raspberry and Cherry Ice. Users have the option of buying four of the same flavour pods or investing in an ‘Editions’ kit, which combines four different flavours and is available in options that include –

SKE EditionsFlavours Included

White Edition

            Watermelon ice

            Melon berry

            Pink lemonade

            Watermelon strawberry

Blue Edition

            Blueberry sour raspberry

            Blueberry peach

            Blueberry raspberries

            Cola ice

Green Edition

            Lychee ice

            Tropical Mixed

            Blueberry lime

            Lemon lime

Rose Edition

            Cherry ice

            Fizzy cherry

            White peach razz

            Strawberry burst

SKE 4-in-1 vs SKE Crystal

Considering that the SKE 4-in-1 is largely targeted towards SKE Crystal users, it’s interesting to consider how these products compare. Ultimately, the SKE Crystal remains a fantastic product, and is great for people who want an easy, reliable disposable that’s affordable and filled with great flavours. 

However, notable variations between SKE’s 4-in-1 and Crystal Bar ranges include –

Longevity: Like most vape disposables, SKE’s Crystal Bar vapes are designed with 600 puffs in mind, compared with potentially unlimited usage from a rechargeable, coil-free 4-in-1 device. 

Affordability: The SKE Crystal is cheaper to buy upfront, making it great for new vapers. However, with more than 4x the vaping potential, SKE’s 4-in-1 is a significantly cheaper option for long-term vaping. 

Appearance: The SKE 4-in-1 was built in mind of the Crystal range design, meaning that these products look like siblings. However, the SKE 4-in-1 takes that transparent design and turns it into something a lot more impressive and satisfying to hold. 

Where To Buy the SKE 4-in-1

At Haypp, we offer all available SKE 4-in-1 additions, as well as single flavour refills to help you enjoy your device for longer. Our pod kits come complete with your SKE crystal device, four different flavour refills, and USB compatibility. With free shipping, we also make this already affordable vaping option even better for your bank balance.

Head over to our SKE 4-in-1 collection page or have a look below to get started!

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