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New parliament should learn from US mistakes on vapes

New parliament should learn from US mistakes on vapes


The new Tobacco and Vapes Bill, which has been drafted over the past few months, was not finalised before the new elections were called. However, the bill - which contains a package of tough measures and proposed regulations on vapes in particular - appears to have broad cross-party support and is expected to be implemented in some form in the autumn. While welcoming many of the proposals, Haypp points to the risks of over-regulation.

In just a few weeks, we will know which party will govern the country in the coming years. But regardless of how much influence the Tories, Labour or Liberal Democrats have, significant changes can be expected for several tobacco and nicotine products.


  • - For example, most people agree that vapes can be beneficial for adults who want to quit smoking. Everyone also seems to agree that we need to do a better job of preventing minors from using tobacco and nicotine products, says Markus Lindblad, Head of Communications at Haypp.


Several countries have already implemented regulations similar to those proposed in the Tobacco and Vapes Bill. Strict rules that have not always had the desired effect.


  • - If we look at the US, for example, they have over-regulated the market, which has resulted in a very large proportion of the trade now taking place in a grey area or being outright illegal. The authorities can't keep up and it's more or less chaos, says Lindblad.


The US Department of Justice and the FDA have now been forced to set up a federal task force together with several other authorities to combat the distribution and sale of illegal weapons. A necessary measure that could have been avoided.


  • - The new British Parliament and government should learn from examples like this. Obviously, there should be clear regulation that responsible actors must adhere to. "We welcome that,", Lindblad says and concludes, "But if you create rules that are too cumbersome, the serious traders will be squeezed out, while the black market of less scrupulous tobacconists and illegal smuggling gangs can grow unchecked. This is a trap that the UK does not want to fall into."


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