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Lost Mary DM1200 Review

Lost Mary DM1200 Review

Lost Mary’s DM1200 disposable vape kit has one notable selling point – it claims to provide double the puffs users can expect from a standard 600-puff disposable. This is beneficial for user ease, as well as being preferable for the environment, making the DM1200 an extremely popular vaping option. But is the DM1200 the right disposable vape for you?

Find out with this complete review of the Lost Mary DM1200.

Lost Mary DM1200: An Introduction 

Originally named ‘The Lost Mary DM600 X2’, the Lost Mary DM1200 is a fully TPD-compliant disposable vaping system that stands apart from the crowd thanks to its promise of offering 1200 puffs, instead of the standard 600. The DM1200 achieves this goal by providing users with two pre-filled 20mg pods, selected from a range of over 20 flavours that typically centre around fruity blends like Pineapple Ice. Famed for its ease of use and environmental benefits, Lost Mary’s DM1200 is designed to help users enjoy vaping value for money. 

Lost Mary DM1200: How Does It Work?

The DM1200 ultimately works like any other Lost Mary disposable, and comes preloaded with the first of two pods. Unlike most disposable kits, the DM1200 allows users to swap to their second pod once the first is empty. But, how does the DM1200 withstand this double usage?

There are a few different features which ensure the DM1200’s longer lifespan, including – 

QUAQ mesh coil technology: DM1200 pods benefit from the same QUAQ mesh coil technology seen in other Lost Mary products. This has the benefit of improving taste, and can also lengthen battery lifespan, adding to the DM1200’s longevity.

Pod design: DM1200 pods are built using a unique transparent design that allows users to gauge e-liquid levels at a glance. This makes it possible to ensure minimal wastage for both pods included.

Battery: The Lost Mary DM1200 uses a large 850 mAh lithium-ion battery compared with the standard 360 mAh batteries found in the majority of single-use disposable vapes. This ensures that the DM1200 can provide double the puff from a singular battery, without any need to recharge. 

Lost Mary DM1200: Flavours

Pods for the Lost Mary DM1200 are all 20 mg strength and are available in 20 different flavour profiles. We stock the full range of DM1200 flavours here at Haypp, and users can even choose to mix and match flavours when purchasing their DM1200. 

The full flavour range includes:

  • - Alpine Ice: A standard menthol flavour. 
  • Banana Ice: A fruity banana flavour with menthol hints on the exhale. 
  • - Blue Razz Lemonade: A mixture of blue raspberry and sharp lemonade.
  • - Blueberry: A fruit blueberry blend. 
  • - Blueberry Sour Raspberry: Sweet blueberry notes tinged with a sour hint of sharp raspberry. 
  • - Cherry Ice: Tart, cherry flavour with a menthol note.
  • - Double Apple: A double flavour combination of red and green apples.
  • - Grape: A sweet grape blend. 
  • - Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava: A trio of tart and sweet tropical fruit flavours. 
  • - Lemon Lime: An combination of sour lemon and tart lime. 
  • - Mix Berries: A sweetly tart combination of berry flavours. 
  • - Pineapple IceA menthol take on a sweet and tart pineapple flavour. 
  • - Pineapple Passion Fruit Lemon: A mix of tart pineapple and lemon with sweet notes of passion fruit. 
  • - Red Cherry: Sweet red cherry flavour.
  • - Strawberry Ice: A menthol twist on classic strawberry.
  • - Triple Mango: Vape flavoured like sweet mangos.
  • - Watermelon: Sweet watermelon flavour.
  • - Western Tobacco: A woody tobacco blend. 
  • - Blueberry Cloud: A mix of berries and menthol

Lost Mary DM1200: Costs

The Lost Mary DM1200 is made with affordability in mind, meaning that you can expect to save costs here wherever you choose to buy. Admittedly, the addition of an extra pod can see you paying a little more for a DM1200 upfront, but with prices per unit generally still coming in below £6, you certainly won’t pay double to benefit from those 1200 puffs. 

At Haypp, we’re committed to keeping DM1200 costs down. As well as offering reasonable prices and benefits like free delivery, we also offer bulk purchases that could see you paying as little as £92 for 20 DM1200 kits. 

Lost Mary DM1200: Product Comparison

The DM1200 is just the latest Lost Mary offering, and it seems like the most exciting yet. But, how does the DM1200 range compare with other Lost Mary products?

Lost Mary StyleVape TypePuff CountUsability
Lost Mary BM600 Disposable600The BM600 is Lost Mary’s flagship vape range and offers wide flavour variation, and a nicotine-free version. The BM600 is incredibly popular, but some users struggle to make it last for even the 600 puffs advertised.
Lost Mary QM600Disposable500A reliable disposable vape in a crystal case design with over 25 flavours. While great for easy use, the inclusion of mesh coils in QM600 design does limit usability and lifespan.
Lost Mary TappoPod Kit600 per podA convenient and cost-effective pod kit, and the first Lost Mary product to include pre filled pods. Some users do find the need to recharge the Tappo slightly inconvenient.
Lost Mary DM1200Disposable1200The DM1200 is the latest offering from Lost Mary, and combines all of the best points of previous Lost Mary Products (vast flavour variation, convenience, style), in a long-lasting, sleek design that uses cutting edge technology to double device longevity.

Lost Mary DM1200: Final Verdict 

Ultimately, Lost Mary has provided us with a wide range of groundbreaking, affordable vape devices that are changing the market as we know it. Their latest offering, the DM1200 combines everything that we’ve grown to love about Lost Mary with the additional benefit of a vape kit that lasts double the standard time. 

This makes the DM1200 a great option for Lost Mary lovers looking to save money, time, and environmental damage. At Haypp, we stock the full DM1200 range, and keep costs even lower with free delivery that gets your devices to you for less. 

Fed up with your vapes constantly running out on you? Look no further than our DM1200 vape range

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