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List of Snus brands in Sweden

Swedish Snus Brands: Full List (2023)

What is snus? Swedish snus is a smoke free tobacco product that has been around for over 200 years in both loose and portioned varieties.In the UK, snus has taken the media by storm recently, but what is the fuss about? We guide you through all you need to know about Swedish snus, including a full list of Swedish snus brands, the best Swedish snus and strongest snus. 

Full List of Swedish Snus Brands 

There are over 22 different brands of Swedish snus, but some of the oldest and most popular are:

  • - Ettan
  • - General
  • - Göteborgs Rape
  • - Lundgrens
  • - Grov
  • - XR

The Best Swedish Snus: Top 4 

With so many Swedish snus brands, it can be hard to know where to start. Based on data from Snusbolaget, the top 4 Swedish snus brands are:

  1. 1. Ettan. This snus has been produced for hundreds of years and remains the most popular snus in Sweden. These snus pouches account for around 1/5 of the snus sales in Sweden - a firm favourite among Swedes.
  2. 2. General. General snus was founded in 1840 and is made from a signature mix of over 20 types of tobacco infused with bergamot oil for the distinctive snus flavour. 
  3. 3. Göteborgs Rape. Produced since 1919, Göteborgs Rape is infused with fresh herbs and juniper berries: the tobacco flavour is mild, and these pouches are a little sweeter than other Swedish snus brands. 
  4. 4. Lundgrens. Lundgrens snus is produced by Fiedler and Lundgren, one of the original snus makers in Sweden. While they produce unique snus concepts, their snus is crafter using traditional methods.

Types of Swedish Snus

Swedish snus comes in two varieties: loose or portioned. 

Loose. This type of snus is a moist powder that you form into your own portions using your fingers. It is quite a messy way to snus, and can result in dripping - but is a classic way to snus.

Portioned. The type of snus you are probably more familiar with - the tobacco powder has been preportioned into small sachets. While they usually come in smaller quantities compared to loose snus, this is a less messy way to get your tobacco. 

 Swedish Snus Strengths 

There are less variations in snus strengths compared to other oral nicotine products such as nicotine pouches. Most snus brands usually offer a normal and strong option: but these can vary slightly in strength from brand to brand: for example, normal General snus has a nicotine strength of 8.5mg per pouch but original Kapten snus contains around 8mg per portion. 

Swedish Snus vs. Nicotine Pouches

While there are many similarities between nicotine pouches and Swedish snus, there are many important differences between Swedish snus and nicotine pouches.

  • - Tobacco vs. Tobacco-Free. Snus contains tobacco whereas nicotine pouches contain no tobacco. The nicotine in nicotine pouches is usually either extracted from the tobacco leaf or made synthetically, meaning they are “all-white” or free from tobacco. 
  • - Flavour. Swedish snus has a traditional flavour profile in comparison to nicotine pouches. Nicotine pouches usually have added flavours and come in a lot more different varieties in comparison to snus. Swedish snus flavour primarily comes from the tobacco, with added essential oils to help enhance the flavour (such as bergamot or juniper) - giving a richer flavour experience (if you like tobacco flavour). 
  • - How Long a Pouch Lasts. Swedish snus usually releases nicotine in a more consistent way compared to nicotine pouches which are more varied.
  • - Legal vs Illegal in the UK. Classic tobacco snus is illegal in the UK, however you can use and buy snus in the UK if it is tobacco free and to buy and you are over 18 years old. 

Siberia - UK's most sought after snus product 

The Siberia snus brand is known for its strong tobacco snus and strong mint taste which is seen in the brand's references to Siberia and its ice-cold climate. Siberia has seen an enormous growth 

Siberia -80 Degrees White Dry Portion 

Siberia -80 Degrees White Dry Portion is the strongest among all of Siberia's products with a nicotine strength of 43 mg per tobacco pouch. 

Thunder snus 

Thunder snus is five times stronger due to the use of more tobacco per gram than the regular type of Swedish snus. 

Thunder Frosted and Thunder X

Thunder Frosted is loose snus with a hint of mint hence the frost reference. ThunderX is a slim portions snus and has 45 mg of nicotine per tobacco pouch. 

American snus brands 

American snus brands taste sweeter and use fermented tobacco instead of steam-pasteurized tobacco. A way of noticing is the metal cans or a smaller sized tobacco pouch compared to Swedish snus. Read our article on Swedish Snus and learn the difference between all smokeless tobacco products. 

Camel snus 

Camel snus is characterized by its metal can of snus can as it somewhat resembles a camel cigarette package in its shape. The product was initially introduced to the US market as a harm reduced way to stop smoking and the marketing emphasized the “use anywhere” side to the product. 


Camel snus is made from imported tobacco and contains 15 tobacco pouches.

Marlboro snus 

Marlboro snus was initially created Philip Morris International but was later added to the Swedish Match product portfolio but has unfortunately been discontinued. Marlboro snus was known for its various flavours such as vanilla, chocolate and roasted coffee. 

Skoal snus 

Skoal snus was launched back in 2010 by USST - the United States Smokeless Tobacco company and is mainly known for its two primary flavours: Mint and Smooth Mint. Unlike Camel and Marlboro snus, the cans are round but still made out of aluminum.  


Skoal is made from 100% American tobacco and the pouches are bigger compared to other types of American snus, and much sweeter as already mention compared to Swedish snus.

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