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Can You Take Nicotine Pouches on a Plane

Can You Take Nicotine Pouches on a Plane?

Now that borders are open again, many of us are planning our next big holiday. While laws on and rules for cigarettes are fairly well known, the regulations on nicotine pouches are less well known. For example, we all know you can’t smoke on a plane, but can you bring nicotine pouches on a plane? We answer all your questions to help you prepare for your upcoming trip.

Can you take nicotine pouches on a plane?

There are currently no restrictions on taking nicotine pouches on a plane; you can carry nicotine pouches in either your hand luggage or cabin baggage. As they are discreet and smoke-free, you can even use them while up in the air! Just make sure to dispose of them responsibly when you are finished…


Can you take snus on a plane?

Just as with nicotine pouches, you can take them and use them on the plane. You can even use them throughout the airport. But please dispose of your used pouches in the bin or in the lid of the can. 

Why are snus and nicotine pouches easier to travel with cigarettes or vapes?

Nicotine pouches and snus are oral nicotine products; discreet and smoke-free. They don’t create an odour, which means you do not disturb or intrude on other people and you can use them virtually any time, in any location.

They are lightweight and compacted so you can easily keep a can in your pocket or bag for when you want a nicotine buzz, and also require no batteries or pods. Nicotine pouches and snus do not require special storage, meaning you really can just pick up and go.


Travel Checklist

Once you have chosen your final destination, make sure you go through the following list for a (relatively) hindrance-free trip:

  • Is it legal in your final destination? Snus and nicotine pouches are not legal in all countries and states across the globe. Therefore it is important that you check with the local authority website before travelling. 

  • Does the airline have any specific rules on nicotine pouches and the quantity you can carry?

  • Have you got enough to last you your trip? If nicotine pouches are legal where you are going, make sure to stock up! Not all cities will have nicotine pouches readily available, so order online before your trip.

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