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Best Elux Flavours

Best Elux Flavours (2024)

Elux bars are a brand of disposable vapes that is becoming increasingly popular with UK vapers. The Elux 600 is not only easy to use, but comes in a range of bold flavours. 
Check out our guide to the most popular Elux Bar flavours, as well as the full flavour list and new Elux Bar flavours to watch out for. 

All Elux Bar Flavours

In our rankings, we will focus on the Elux 600 range: there are currently 27 flavours, check out the full Elux Bar flavours list below:

  • - Apple
  • - Apple Peach
  • - Blueberry Pomegranate
  • - Banana Ice
  • - Berry Lemonade
  • - Berry Pop Berry
  • - Blueberry Bubblegum
  • - Blueberry Ice
  • - Blueberry Raspberry
  • - Blue Razz Lemonade
  • - Cola Ice
  • - Cotton Candy
  • - Espresso
  • - Fresh Mint
  • - Grape Ice
  • - Gummy Bear
  • - Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
  • - Mango
  • - Mr Blue
  • - Pink Lemonade
  • - Strawberry Banana
  • - Strawberry Energy
  • - Strawberry Ice
  • - Sweet Red Apple Ice
  • - Tiger Blood
  • - Unicorn Shake
  • - Vanilla Ice Cream

Best Elux Bar Flavours (2024)

Looking for the best Elux Bar flavours can be a tricky task, as everyone’s taste and preferences are different. However, at Haypp, we have worked hard to create a top list of the 5 best Elux Bar flavours based on a combination of in-house testing, customer feedback and sales data. We believe this selection caters to a wide variety of tastes, so everyone can enjoy the vape experiences from Elux Bars. 

 1. Elux Red Apple Ice

The best Elux bar flavour goes to the Red Apple Ice - a favourite among customers and the Haypp team. The Red Apple Ice Elux is a great choice if you like apple flavours with a minty chill, as it takes the crisp apple orchard flavour and gives a menthol chill on the exhale that cuts through the sweetness. The Elux Red Apple Ice vape for those who like it sweet, but not too sweet!

 2. Elux Pink Lemonade

The Pink Lemonade flavour is a trusted classic disposable vape flavour. The Elux Pink Lemonade adds a twist to the classic flavour, with sweet and zesty notes of lemonade balanced with red berries for a rounded vape flavour experience. 

3. Elux Blueberry Cherry Cranberry

While it is common to get different fruit flavoured vapes, this bold combination of fruits is only available from Elux! The inhale gives a sweet yet tangy blueberry flavour with tart cherry and cranberry. This Elux bar has no harsh menthol notes, for those who appreciate a vape flavour that doesnt have a menthol chill. If you like a fruity yet tangy vape flavour, the Elux Blueberry Cherry Cranberry is a good choice - and is part of our top 5 Elux bar flavours!

4. Elux Peach Mango

At our number 4 is the Elux Peach Mango - a tropical flavour vape option from Elux. Peach Mango combines the core flavour of soft peach, with a top note of sweet mango. If you like a tropical vape flavour experience, then the Elux Peach Mango is definitely one to try. 

 5. Elux Tiger Blood

To round off the top 5 Elux Bar flavours, we present the Elux Tiger Blood flavour. It is a energy drink flavoured vape that has a watermelon, coconut, and strawberry profile with a small touch of sweetness.

New Elux Bar Flavours

There are new Elux bar flavours being developed regularly, so the list of 27 will most likely keep expanding over the coming year. But what new Elux bar flavours do we want to see? There are already so many different Elux Bar flavours available, but we break down the 3 new Elux Bar flavours we would like to see:


  1. 1. Jalapeno Lime: Move over menthol, there’s hot Jalepeno coming in! Adding some Jalapeno flavor with a lime fruitiness would create a balanced alternative to the ice ranges for people who prefer to avoid a menthol chill. Juicy citrus with a jalapeno kick? Sign us up!
  2. 2. Root Beer: A unique soda flavour that we have not seen in the vape market. Root beer has a sweet taste and is like a herbal version of a cola that has two sides: spicy or sweet. 
  3. 3. Orange Cream: A balance of citrusy orange with an added vanilla cream flavour, a good flavour balance and a new Elux Bar flavour we would like to see!

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