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Helwit Orange Slim Normal
Helwit Orange Slim Normal
Helwit Orange Slim Normal
Helwit Orange Slim Normal
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Helwit Orange

Helwit Orange with flavour of fresh newly harvested oranges. Get ready for a tangy, sweet, and flavoursome start that ends with an ultra-refreshing blast. 

Each can contain 20 slim pouches.
1 -pack £1.84
5 pack £9.20
10 -pack £16.00
20 pack £32.00
£16.00 £36.90 (£1.60 per pc)
Flavour Citrus
Format Slim

Helwit Orange Slim

In these citrus flavoured nicotine pouches, orange takes centre stage.
The pouches have a vibrant, zingy, tangy presence that is well-balanced by a sweet and fresh flavour. Furthermore, you will get a mellow, easy-going buzz that's perfect for all-day use.

Nicotine Strength of Helwit Orange

These zesty pouches have a nicotine strength of 3,8 mg/pouch, which places them in our Normal category.

The Helwit Brand

Yoik AB manufactures Helwit in Gransholms Bruk, Sweden. This brand's excellence is second to none, thanks to lab-tested, pharmaceutical-grade nicotine pouches, taste specialist flavours, and ultra-soft pouch fabric.

Customer reviews for Helwit Orange
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EvZkii, 29 September 2022
Helwit Orange Bought as an add on during checkout, Helwit Orange is bursting with flavour and is really intense compared to other brands, even just by smelling inside the can you can tell! Strength wise this isn’t a strong pouch, I have been using these before I go to bed for a wind down nic hit! Pouches are slim and fairly moist. Overall thumbs up from me, would definitely recommend this to anyone who is just beginning nicotine pouches or likes fruity citrus flavours.
Julian, 5 September 2022
Love these This is the only one I can really tolerate as some brands have a taste that's too strong and overcomes the sweetness. These are like sucking on an orange candy all day long, not for everyone I guess, but I love them. The other flavours from Helwit are just as great with flavour and taste without the chemical taste that others bring.
Holly, 21 July 2021
Flavour too strong The flavour is really strong and sickly sweet. Made me feel really nauseous
Brand Helwit
Content per can (gram) 10
Format Slim
Nicotine strength (mg/pouch) 3,8
Pouches per can 20
Product type Nicotine Pouches
Weight per pouch (gram) 0.42
Strength Normal
Flavour Citrus
Producer Yoik
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