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Helwit Mint Flavour

Helwit mint flavour (2.9mg per pouch) provides a sweet minty hit, while their menthol flavour (6mg per pouch) is more robust and bold. 

About Helwit

Hailing from Sweden, Helwit make nicotine pouches that pack a flavourful punch. The environment and sustainability are also essential to what they do, which you can see in their Hydro electric factory and the famous bullseye branded cans they use for their products which are made from fossil-free pine oil.

Helwit Mint Flavours

There are two minty flavours in this range - Helwit Mint and Helwit Menthol. Both pouches come in 10g amounts and are classed as slim, which means they are even more discreet to use than many regular pouches. However, you can easily tell the difference between the mint flavour pouches, and the menthol, as the mint comes in the green and white striped tin, while the menthol taste comes in an icy blue and white striped tin.

When it comes to the taste of these Helwit products, the mint nicotine pouches are designed to be sweet, while the menthol ones are more robust in taste. The menthol and mint flavours also have two different nicotine strength, with menthol being in the stronger strength category. Learn more about this below.

Nicotine Strength of Helwit Mint & Menthol

While the two mint flavours of Helwit taste different, it's also important to remember that they contain different nicotine strengths as well. Helwit pouches use a rating scale out of 4 to demonstrate how much nicotine strength is in each pouch. Their strongest pouches have a 4/4 rating, while their normal strength pouches have a 2/4 rating, with products with a medium strength coming in at 3/4.

  • - 2/4 products contain 3.5g of nicotine content per pouch
  • - 3/4 products contain 4.5g nicotine content per pouch
  • - 4/4 of products contain 6 mg content nicotine per pouch.


Helwit also does an extra strong variety which is higher than the 4/4 rating, but this strength is only available in the blueberry flavour.

Why Choose Helwit Mint & Menthol Nicotine Pouches?

There are a whole host of compelling reasons to choose Helwit pouches, including:


Tobacco-Free. Helwit flavours are all tobacco-free, which makes them a great alternative to traditional smoking. While Helwit mint does not contain any actual tobacco, you can feel safe in the knowledge that the nicotine it contains comes from only the highest quality tobacco leaves. However, they do contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance and can cause a tingling sensation in the mouth when in use.

Available in a wide range of sizes. All Helwit products come in 10g tins. However, the good news is that you can buy these tins either as singles, or as multipacks of 5, 10, and 20 tins. This means you'll always have tin on hand when you need one and you can benefit from some great discounts at the same time.

Clear Strength System. Another advantage of choosing Helwit mint pouches is that they come under their very easy-to-understand nicotine strength system which rates out of 4.

Minimal risk of tooth discolouration. Additionally Helwit mint minimises the risk of causing tooth discolouration, which is a frequent issue with snus that contain tobacco.

Helwit is made from only the best quality ingredients. There are no surprises when it comes to Helwit products as they are not only made from the highest quality ingredients but also only use ones that meet stringent food regulation standards.

Long Lasting Experience. Just like their other flavours, Helwit mint provides over 40 minutes of nicotine release and flavour.

Discreet and convenient. Available in a convenient and discreet 10g tin, Helwit mint and menthol varieties are easy to carry in a pocket or bag. Additionally, they are suited to use in a range of situations including those where smoking is forbidden including, social events, public transport and even workplaces.

How To Use Helwit Mint?

Carefully crafted in their eco-friendly factory, using Helwit nicotine products couldn't be easier. Just open the tin and remove a single pouch. Take the pouch and sandwich in between your gum and upper lip. This will begin the process of nicotine delivery. After about five minutes and once the pouch becomes wet from your saliva, the nicotine will be able to access your bloodstream because the skin barrier is more permeable in this area.

If you begin to feel lightheaded or nauseous during this stage, just remove the product from your upper lip to give yourself a break. It can always be replaced later on. Once around 10 minutes have gone by you will start to feel the full strength of the mint or menthol flavours. This is also around the time when a large percentage of the nicotine will have entered your system.

Often nic pouches tend to begin to lose flavour and strength after 10-15 mins being expended by 30 mins. However, this is not the case with Helwit. Instead, their pouches are designed to last and provide robust flavour and experience for 40 minutes or more.
After you are done with your Helwit pouch be sure to dispose of it correctly. This means throwing it away in the regular rubbish and not the recycling as the pouch itself is not recyclable because the papers they come in are not fully biodegradable.

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There are also plenty of other interesting Helwit flavours to try.