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The Elf Bar has produced the Pear flavoured Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pods Pear. This vape product is presented in a prefilled pod format, delivering approximately 600 puffs. It carries a potency designation of 20mg.

NOTE: Device not included.


Information on Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pods Pear

The Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pods Pear is a product from the brand Elf Bar, manufactured by the same entity. This vape is in the form of prefilled pods, delivering approximately 600 puffs per item. The strength of the vape is determined as 20mg, categorised as extra potent. Activation of this vape occurs via inhalation.

Specific data on Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pods Pear:

  • Category: Prefilled Pods Vape
  • Flavour: Pear
  • Manufacturer: Elf Bar
  • Puffs: Approximately 600
  • Nicotine presence: Yes
  • Strength: 20mg

Flavour and potency of Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pods Pear

The Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pods Pear is a vape product with a prefilled pod format. It is devised to deliver around 600 puffs. The flavor of this product is pear, and it has a strength of 20 mg.

Vape Format: Prefilled Pods

The Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pods Pear is available in a prefilled pod format. It is activated via inhalation. This product contains nicotine in salt form.

Regarding Elf Bar

Elf Bar functions as both a manufacturer and a brand in the vaping industry, with its product range comprising the Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pods Pear. The brand provides a variety of flavours and strengths to accommodate differing preferences.

Brand Elf Bar
Format Prefilled Pods
Strength 20mg
Puffs 600
Flavour Fruit
Strength Extra Strong
Activation Method Inhale activated
Nicotine Format Salts
Eliquid 2x2ml
Chargable No
Compatible with Elfa Pro Pod Kit, Elfa Pod Kit
Made In China
Product type Vape
Producer Elf Bar
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productextrasection/EXTRAS This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.

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