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The new brand, Avant, is manufactured in Sweden AB by Kurbits Snus. It offers a range of different flavoured tobacco-free nicotine pouches for users.
All Avant products use the best ingredients. Its all-white nicotine pouches do not contain any tobacco and they are available in various strengths.

More about Avant nicotine pouches

- Range of flavours
- All white pouches - no tobacco
- Varying nicotine strengths

Avant strengths

As with most nicotine brands, Avant offers a range of different strengths and sizes for its nicotine pouches. These are in a slim format with medium and strong nicotine strengths available.

Avant pouch flavours

There are a number of different Avant pouch flavours currently available with a predominantly mint taste. Flavours include Raspberry Liquorice, Cool Ice Tea, Cool Iced Apple, Frozen Berries and Cool Mint.