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Try the new Aprés nicotine pouches today and get the feeling of a newcomer in the pouch world.

Why not try the classical taste of cola or the sweet taste of lemon?

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Welcome to our impressive collection of Après nicotine pouches. All tobacco free nicotine pouches from Après come in an array of different flavours and strengths to suit your needs. So, whether you are looking for a tangy lemony taste or a refreshing peach flavoured pouch, we cater for you. Apart from coming in different strengths, all the pouches are white and don't stain your teeth.


  • - Après tobacco free snus pouches
  • - Excellent choice of flavours
  • - Available in different strengths

Try Après nicotine pouches UK

Here at Haypp, we offer you a wide variety of taste sensations to choose from. Why not try the cola flavoured pouch for that nostalgic feeling or go for the Après Mint No.2 which will provide you with a cool, refreshing taste. If you are looking for something new, opt for an Après Raspberry Liquorice pouch that comes with a dash of liquorice and anise. However, there are plenty of other flavours available for you to choose from.

Après flavours and strengths

With eight different Après flavours to choose from, you will always be able to find your favourite one. Apart from that, we also cater for different strengths. For example, Après Ice Tea Peach No.5 comes as normal strength with 4.8mg of nicotine per pouch and extra strong with 9mg of nicotine. The pouches come in small cans and contain 20 pouches. Indeed, you can purchase our Après super pack of 5 different cans of different flavoured pouches.