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Vont is a Swedish company who manufacturer nicotine pouches, Vont AB offers a wide range of tobacco-free nicotine pouches in different flavors.

The Vont tobacco-free nicotine pouches allow you to enjoy all the benefits of nicotine without getting any tobacco into your system.

Vont nicotine pouches are slim and tobacco-free.

Flavours of Vont

Nicotine Strength of Vont

Each flavoured nicotine pouch has a strength rating, allowing you to pick a suitable option. However, the strength rating across Vont products ranges from 4 mg to 12 mg per portion. Also, products with 4 mg of nicotine have the lowest strength, and those with 12 mg have the highest.

Choosing the right nicotine pouch

You can choose any flavour of the Vont pouch you want. However, we recommend that first-timers go for products with a 4 mg strength. Also, as you advance, you can go for more potent products. However, users with years of experience can go for 9 mg and above.