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Velo Freeze Nicotine Pouches

Discover the full range of VELO Freeze nicotine pouches. 

What is VELO Freeze?

VELO Freeze is a range of products within the VELO snus range. The VELO Freeze family of Swedish nicotine pouches has three different varieties of pouches: VELO Freeze X-Strong, VELO Freeze Ultra and VELO Freeze Max. 

VELO Freeze Review

These pouches all are extra strong and have a strong peppermint and menthol flavour. Because of the chilling and even "freezing" sensation they produce, they have become the favourite in the VELO range. Each pouch in the VELO Freeze range is made with plant fibres, nicotine and flavour for a classic pouch experience. These pouches give a steady flow of nicotine and flavour, while remaining discreet. 

Types of VELO Freeze

While the VELO Freeze flavour is the same, there are 3 different formats:

  • Velo Freeze X Strong: each pouch of VELO Freeze X-Strong has 10.9mg of nicotine, and are quite a dry nicotine pouch. They are all white and each pouch comes in a slim format. 
  • Velo Freeze Ultra: One of the newer pouches in the VELO Freeze range, VELO Freeze Ultra pouches are also slim in format but contain 14mg of nicotine per pouch. They are also all white, meaning they do not contain tobacco, and are the second strongest VELO Freeze pouches. 
  • Velo Freeze Max: These are the strongest VELO Freeze pouches, with each VELO Freeze Max pouch containing 17mg of nicotine. They are still slim portions and are all white. 


Is VELO Freeze snus?

No, VELO Freeze does not contain tobacco, therefore it is not snus. 

Which VELO Freeze pouches are strongest?

The strongest VELO Freeze pouches are the VELO Freeze Max nicotine pouches. 

How much do VELO Freeze nicotine pouches cost?

VELO Freeze prices start at £3.57 per can.

How strong are VELO Freeze nicotine pouches?

VELO Freeze pouches come in the following nicotine strengths:

  • VELO Freeze X-Strong: 10.9mg/pouch
  • VELO Freeze Ultra: 14mg/pouch
  • VELO Freeze Max: 17mg/pouch