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VEEV Flavours

VEEV is the disposable vape arm of the IQOS brand, headlined by the ever-popular VEEV Now disposable vape device. This vape comes in a traditional vape pen format and is easy to use, offering a seamless experience for beginner and experienced vapers.

We sell the full range of VEEV Now vapes - as well as variants of the rechargeable VEEV One on our website - and you'll be pleased to know they come in a diversity of delightful flavours. They all provide 20mg of nicotine salt e-liquid per device, meaning they're "extra strong" on the nicotine strength scale. If you're wondering what flavours are available, and which ones are the best, we'll explain all the options available on our site.

VEEV Now Disposable Vapes - Full Flavour List

These disposable vapes come in 9 fantastic flavours for you to choose from. Each one offers something different from the last and there's a truly eclectic mix to satisfy all tastes. Whether you want fruity watermelon aroma notes or a toasted tobacco flavour to replicate cigarettes, there's certainly an option for you to try from VEEV Vape UK.

  • - VEEV Now Mango 500
  • - VEEV Now Strawberry 500
  • - VEEV Now Peach 500
  • - VEEV Now Blueberry 500
  • - VEEV Now Blue Raspberry 500
  • - VEEV Now Melon Coconut 500
  • - VEEV Now Watermelon 500
  • - VEEV Now Classic Tobacco
  • - VEEV Now Blue Mint


All of the VEEV disposable vapes come with high-quality e-liquids to ensure you get quality flavours with no funny aftertaste. They include pharma-grade nicotine salts plus food-grade flavourings. The two combine to give you some of the most accurate flavours of all disposable vapes!

Top 5 VEEV Disposable Vape Flavours

Picking a top five is difficult as you've got loads of distinct flavours to pick from and everyone has different tastes. With that in mind, we reviewed and tested all the flavours from this disposable vape brand and here were the five that stood out to us the most:

VEEV Now Classic Tobacco

You can't go wrong with the VEEV Now Classic Tobacco flavour. It provides a truly classic tobacco flavour offering a fine alternative to smoking cigarettes, minus the cigarette smoke. Unlike a lot of other tobacco flavours, this one doesn't give a burnt taste so it's a brilliant choice for anyone looking for a non-fruity vaping experience!

VEEV Now Blue Raspberry

Speaking of a fruity vaping experience, if that's something you'd prefer, we recommend trying VEEV Now Blue Raspberry. As the name suggests, you get blueberry and raspberry aromas, merging to form something very sweet with a subtle sourness. We found the raspberry aroma notes balanced the sweetness from the blueberry to create a disposable vape flavour most people will enjoy.

VEEV Now Mango

Those of you seeking tropical mango aroma notes will love what the VEEV Now Mango disposable vapes have to offer. Like all VEEV vapes, you get a quality flavour concentration in every puff and this specific option delivers a truly unique vaping experience. It's the favourite flavour of the average vaper because it's not too sweet, sour or minty. 

VEEV Now Watermelon

VEEV Now Watermelon is a unique blend providing sweet watermelon aroma notesx. If you want a fruity disposable vape, this will be the one for you. We also think the colour scheme of this compact vape pen design is one of the best out of the range!

VEEV Now Blue Mint

You can't look past VEEV Now Blue Mint if you're seeking quality disposable vapes providing a blue mint minty menthol flavour. It's the only one of the VEEV vapes range providing a blue mint taste so it should be your primary choice if you're not interested in fruit or tobacco flavourings.

VEEV One Vape Flavours

The VEEV One is a rechargeable vape utilising the impressive VEEV One pod system. It can be recharged using a USB-C cable and the pods provide up to 1000 puffs each!
An assortment of flavours can be found across the VEEV one range, including:

  • - Blue Mint
  • - Classic Tobacco
  • - Blue Raspberry
  • - Mango
  • - Strawberry
  • - Watermelon
  • - Blueberry


All provide the usual high standards you expect from VEEV flavours and there's a good mixture of neutral tastes and fruity options to cater to anyone's palette. 

Get the Best VEEV Vape Flavours at Haypp

Are you interested in any of the flavours listed above? Whether you like minty notes or raspberry aroma notes balanced with blueberry, we've got them all on our site. Shop the entire range of VEEV Now disposable vapes to find quality flavours that last for a long time.

VEEV Vape UK Flavours FAQ

Do VEEV Disposable Vapes Taste Like Nicotine?

No, while all of these disposable vapes contain nicotine salt e-liquid, the flavour profiles mask the naturally bitter taste of this substance. Each flavour tastes as described and there's a consistent experience throughout the disposable vape's lifespan to ensure you keep getting a good taste in every puff.

What Is The Best VEEV Flavour For Beginners?

The quality flavour range offers great options for beginners though it depends on what you're looking for. If you've switched to vaping as an alternative to smoking, you might prefer Creamy Tobacco as it's the closest to a traditional cigarette experience. Alternatively, you may be after something sweeter, in which case the tropical mango aroma notes of the VEEV Now Mango may be more to your tastes.

How Much Nicotine Is In Each VEEV Vape?

Every VEEV Vape in the VEEV Now range will contain 20mg of nicotine in 2 ml of high-quality e-liquids. It is freebase nicotine, which is the purest form of the substance you can get.

How Long Do VEEV Disposable Vapes Last For?

VEEV disposable vapes give you up to 500 puffs per use. This is around the average mark in the industry though you can find other disposable vapes providing up to 600 puffs per use or more!

Does VEEV Provide Any Flavours For Reusable Devices?

Yes - VEEV has a reusable device called the VEEV One and it has a few additional flavours you won't find in the disposable vape range. Some of the pod kits available include Classic Tobacco, Watermelon & Blueberry and Strawberry. If you'd prefer to use a reusable vape device, this is the option to consider.

Do You Have Any Deals For VEEV Vape Flavours?

Yes! We can provide a great VEEV vape offer to help you save money on your disposables. Pick any flavour and get a pack of 30 for £145.50 - which amounts to just £4.85 per device! This leads to savings of around £30 in total.