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Best Vape Pods

Vape pods are fast becoming the go-to way to enjoy vaping in the UK. These devices are portable and discreet, like vape pens, but not identical.

This guide talks you through the best vape pod kits on the market. We look at some of the choices on offer and why certain brands have been so successful. We also look at the types of closed pod systems available and why you might want to choose one over the other.

What Is A Vape Pod Kit?

A vape pod kit is essentially everything you need to start vaping in one device. They are also sometimes called "pod systems."

Pod vape kits include a battery mod and a vape pod. The battery part is often interchangeable and houses the unit powering the device. It usually has the shape of a small box or cartridge that activates when you inhale. The vape pod contains vape juice – the part that gives it flavour. Pre-filled pods have the e-liquid in them already and most manufacturers use these. However, some pod vape kit brands require you to buy vape juices separately.

Refillable pods can be refilled once they run out of e-liquid. Others use a closed pod system: a pre-filled option that you can't refill with nicotine salt e-liquid (or any other vape juice).

What Types Of Pod Vapes Are Available?

There are two types of pod vape kits available: closed and open pod kits. Which is the best vape pod kit for you depends on your vaping style. Both pod devices offer pros and cons.

Open Pod System

Open pod systems (also called "refillable pods") offer maximum versatility in terms of nicotine strength and flavours. You can modify your vaping experience with any e-liquids you want. These are the devices of choice for the experienced vaper who isn't afraid to use nic salts and wants replaceable pods, adjustable wattage, and adjustable airflow.

Some users prefer an open pod kit because the environmental impact of using it is less prominent than the alternative. With these, you aren't throwing out vape pods every time you finish using the device. (All parts except the e-liquid are reusable). However, they require more knowledge to use, so many brands target advanced users (not those only just starting their vape journeys).

Closed Pod System

Closed pod systems (also called disposable vapes) are simpler and more user-friendly than their open pod counterparts. Because of this, they are often the best pod vape kits for beginners. Closed pod systems require you to replace the pod when it empties. You don't need to mess around with interchangeable coils or refillable pods. Compact device features are also convenient and don't require maintenance, improving the overall vaping experience.

However, closed pod systems are more limited than the alternative because you can't refill them with whatever e-liquid you want. Even so, people choose closed pod kits for MTL vaping because of their battery life.

Best Selling Vape Pods

If you're ready to experience the benefit of pod vapes yourself, then you'll want to read this section. Here, we explore the top brands on the market, including open and closed systems for novice and experienced vapers.

Vuse Pro Vape Pods

The Vuse Pro is a closed pod mod and highly celebrated vape kit. It comes with pre-filled disposable pods you discard after use.

Vapers like Vuse Pro pod vapes because they are simple and user-friendly – perfect for beginners. You don't need to replace coils or batteries on this pocket-friendly device – simply inhale to begin direct-to-lung vaping.

Other device benefits include things like fast charging and wide-ranging compatibility. The Vuse Pro pod kit will go to 80% battery in 35 minutes using USB-C fast charging and works with the brand's ePod pods. However, the closed system means the number of flavours available is limited.

Available flavours include:

  • - Chilled Mint
  • - Creamy Tobacco
  • - Golden Tobacco
  • - Mint Ice
  • - Strawberry Ice
  • - Berry Watermelon
  • - Blue Raspberry
  • - Banana Ice

Lost Mary Vape Pods

Lost Mary's disposable vape kits are similar to Vuse Pro and offer many of the same benefits. For example, they are super simple to use and come with helpful pod mods you replace when you finish vaping. These are small and discreet, making them suitable for on-the-go vaping experiences and Lost Mary makes it easy to find your favourite flavour by offering more options.

Lost Mary also offers its Tappo refillable pod system. Ideal for DTL vaping, it comes with a cartridge you can top up with e-liquid when you run out. It is more cost-effective than disposable alternatives and you can choose from the brand's wide-ranging flavours. However, you will need to learn how to refill pods and maintain the coils if you want to use this vape device.

Ultimately, the Tappo is for vapers looking for a pod vape kit with refillable pods. It is also a great choice for those who enjoy wider flavour possibilities and nic salt strengths.

Top Lost Mary flavours include:

  • - Peach Ice
  • - Watermelon
  • - Blueberry Sour
  • - Mix Berries
  • - Spearmint
  • - Blue Razz
  • - Strawberry Raspberry

Elf Bar Elfa Pro Vape Pods

The Elf Bar Elfa Pro pod kit is another top-rated vape kit. It offers various pre-filled pods, giving it a user-friendly vibe simple to many of the best vape pods on the market.

The standout feature of the Elf Bar Elfa Pro pod kit is its portable design. The compact device is discreet and can fit in your pocket wherever you go. Furthermore, because it is made by Elf Bar, it also comes in an enormous variety of flavours from the brand. As such, there's something for everyone.

Ultimately, this vape kit is for vapers who want a small device with an easy-to-use pod mod. Choose it if you are looking for the flexibility of refilling combined with the convenience of pre-filled pods and high-performance QUAQ mesh coils.

Available flavours include:

  • - Blue Razz Lemonade
  • - Spearmint
  • - Mad Blue
  • - Mixed Berries
  • - Snoow Tobacco
  • - Blueberry Snoow
  • - Watermelon
  • - Kiwi Passion Fruit
  • - Pineapple Ice
  • - Cherry Cola
  • - Apple Peach
  • - Cola

SKE Crystal Vape Pods

SKE Crystal pod vapes are also an option for vapers. The Plus Pod Kit is a closed pod, while the Refillable Pod Kit is an open system.

The Plus Pod Kit is extremely user-friendly and should be at the top of your list of pod devices if you are new to MTL vaping. The small and discreet device is suitable for on-the-go use and fits into jacket or trouser pockets. The vaping experience is similar to cigarettes, making it an excellent alternative for anyone looking to make the switch from traditional tobacco.

The SKE Crystal Plus Refillable Pod Kit offers additional advantages. Being refillable, it is more cost-effective and allows you to benefit from a wider flavour variety. You can also top it up with your own e-liquids instead of whatever flavours the manufacturer recommends. However, the SKE Crystal Plus Refillable Pod Kit requires more maintenance and isn't as user-friendly as the Plus Pod.

For these reasons, new vapers are best served by the SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit. It offers a hassle-free experience, allowing vapers to enjoy the brand's top flavours in a compact design. By contrast, the SKE Crystal Plus Refillable Pod Kit is for individuals looking for more flexibility. The refillable pod design is ideal for MTL vaping and allows you to add any amazing flavour from other compatible brands.

Flavours include:

  • - Cherry Ice
  • - Kiwi Passionfruit Guava
  • - Lemon Lime
  • - Blueberry Raspberry
  • - Watermelon Ice
  • - Blue Razz Lemonade

VEEV One Vape Pods

Finally, you might want to consider VEEV One pod kits, one of the best pod vape options in the market. Being a closed pod, it shares similarities with the Vuse Pro and Lost Mary disposable vape.

The main benefit is that the unit uses less power than conventional devices, increasing the number of puffs between charges. What's more, when the huge battery does run flat, it charges in less than 45 minutes, allowing you to get back to vaping quickly. Another significant benefit is the simple and user-friendly vaping style. When the pod vape runs out, you replace the e-liquid with another pod and start again. It's really that simple.

Users can select from a variety of flavours to enhance the vaping experience (something VEEV has worked on extensively). Options include:

  • - Classic Tobacco
  • - Strawberry
  • - Blue Mint
  • - Mango
  • - Grape
  • - Blueberry
  • - Watermelon
  • - Blue Raspberry


Do vape pod kits come with a spare pod?

Some vape pod kits come with a spare pod, but most don't. You may be able to buy these from the manufacturer but most brands prefill their pods and sell them as-is, ready for insertion into your device.

Are pod vapes right for you?

Experts recommend pod kits to people who are new to vaping. The pod system makes it more straightforward to get started and reduces complicated maintenance and refilling necessary on other units. To begin vaping again, you simply remove the old pod and replace it with another one.

Can you refill a pod?

Some manufacturers let you refill pod kits on the fly. However, how you do this depends on the brand's system. Most require you to remove the existing pod mod, open the dedicated refilling port, and carefully decant the new e-liquid inside. Some have slots or gaps in the top you can use instead.

Once you finish refilling the vape, you re-insert it into the device, ready for you to start vaping again.

Do you need to be an experienced vaper to use pod vape kits?

No, you do not need to have significant vaping experience to use pod vape kits. Brands make these devices to be as user-friendly as possible. Simply inhale with the device to your lips to get started.

What nicotine strengths are available?

E-liquids' nicotine strength is set by the manufacturer when using pre-filled options. However, you can adjust the strength in open systems by choosing high-strength e-liquid from a reputable manufacturer.

Where can I buy pod vape kits?

You can buy pod kits from HAYPP from multiple brands, including VEEV, Elf Bar, and Lost Mary. We stock the best pod vape kits on the market, so try us today.