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Mint Disposable Vapes

Explore our extensive range of mint and menthol vapes, featuring a variety of options including classics like Vuse Mint Ice Vape and unique picks like Lost Mary's Alpine Ice. Mint Ice vape and unique selections like Lost Mary’s Alpine Ice. Our mint and menthol vape range includes prefilled disposable mint and menthol vapes from the UK's most popular brands, such as Lost Mary, SKE Crystal, and VEEV.

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Our Mint and Menthol Vape Range

Haypp's range of disposable mint and menthol vapes is designed with vaping ease in mind. Pre-filled devices like the Elf Bar Crystal CR600 Alps Ice are ready for use, and utilise an in-built battery that saves any need for charging. We also stock prefilled mint vape pods for use with vape device kits from brands like Vuse. Every product in our mint and menthol vape range is available for either individual purchase, right up to best-value packs of 20.

Our menthol and mint vape devices contain varying amounts of nicotine depending on your needs, including most commonly–

  • - 10mg
  • - 12mg
  • - 20mg

20mg mint vapes like Elf Bar's Crystal CR600 provide an average of 600-700 puffs. Vuse's 12mg prefilled Mint Ice pods should last for as many as 1900 puffs.

What's the Difference Between a Mint and Menthol Vape?

Mint and menthol vapes tend to go hand-in-hand because they both offer a minty vaping experience. However, there are subtle differences between what a mint or menthol vape offers. The main differences between mint and menthol include –

Mint: Mint is a herb that's used worldwide in foods, sweets, and more. When used in vaping products, mint provides a strong flavour that can either give a mint hit on its own or complement other flavours, such as fruit blends.

Menthol: Menthol is an extract of the mint plant that's not used in food, but is instead found in things like medicines and beauty products. Menthol doesn't have as strong a flavour but can provide a minty taste.

The Best Mint and Menthol Vape Flavours

Whether you prefer the flavour of mint or menthol, there are various vape flavours to choose from. Haypp's menthol and mint vape range includes a variety of flavour combinations to suit different tastes. Check out our most popular mint and menthol vape flavours below.

Fresh Mint Vape

Fresh mint vape and cool mint vape flavours offer a classic minty flavour profile. We stock Vuse pre-filled Chilled Mint pods, as well as similar flavours like Vuse Go 01 Edition Mint Ice and Lost Mary's DM1200 Alpine Ice.

Spearmint Vape

Spearmint vapes offer a slightly softer mint flavour. Spearmint vapes in our range include Elf Bar Alpha Pro Pods SpearmintSpearmint Tappo Pods by Lost Mary, and Elf Bar's Twilight Cyan.

Menthol Vape

Menthol vape flavour gives the user a hint of mint. Our popular menthol vape range includes SKE Crystal Bar Menthol, and also spearmint menthol offerings, like Fuyl Spearmint Menthol.

The Best Mint and Menthol Vape Brands

At Haypp, we stock mint and menthol vapes from the UK's most popular vape brands to ensure reliable quality and taste that our customers can trust. Choose from leading brands who feature in our mint and menthol vape collection, including –

  • - Elf Bar: We stock mint, spearmint, and menthol vapes from Elf Bar, a well-known disposable vape brand that offers over 20 flavours, including unique blends like Banana Ice.
  • - Vuse: We stock Vuse pre-filled pods in flavours including Chilled Mint and Mint Ice, as well as Vuse disposable devices, including the Vuse Go Mint Ice.
  • - VEEV: VEEV are a brand new contender on the vaping market, and the VEEV Now range includes mint and menthol flavours like refreshing Blue Mint.


We also stock quality mint and menthol vapes from brands that include SKE, VEEV Now, Fuyl, and Blu Bar. Whatever your favourite vape brand, find it with Haypp.

How to Choose the Right Mint and Menthol Vape

The Haypp mint and menthol vape range offers a flavour and style for every vaping preference. Choose the right mint and menthol vape for your needs by considering –

Type of vape: There are many different types of vapes. Our mint and menthol range includes a range of pre-filled pods and disposable devices. The right type of vape will depend on things like the number of uses you require, your preferred vaping ease, and whether or not you have existing vape equipment.

Flavour: Mint and menthol flavours range from options like mint ice, to sweeter flavours like Spearmint Menthol.

Brand: Consider the mint and menthol flavours available from your favourite vaping brand to ensure reliable results, and compatibility for things like vaping pods.

Why Choose a Mint and Menthol Vape?

Mint and menthol vapes is a popular flavour that many customers keep coming back to. The wide range of mint and menthol flavours available in our collection means you can pick either a very minty taste or a softer spearmint flavour, depending on your preferences.

FAQ about Mint & Menthol Vapes

What are the best mint and menthol vapes?

At Haypp, we offer quality mint and menthol vapes from the UK's best vaping brands, including Vuse, Lost Mary, and Elf Bar. The best option for you will depend on your tastes and preferences.

Are menthol and mint disposable vapes legal?

Yes. Mint and menthol disposable vapes with 20mg of nicotine or less are legal in the UK.

How long will a disposable menthol vape last?

Most of the 20mg vapes in our mint and menthol range will last for between 600-700 puffs. 12mg mint prefilled pods from brands like Vuse (which often includes two pods with 2ml of e-liquid each) can last up to 1900 puffs.

Can I buy mint and menthol vapes in bulk?

All of the mint and menthol vapes from Hayyp are available for bulk purchase and benefit from free, fast shipping. The package options available for each of our vapes include –

  • - 1-time purchase
  • - 5-time purchase
  • - 10-time purchase
  • - 20-time purchase

How much do mint and menthol vapes cost?

Our mint and menthol vapes typically cost between £3.90-£5.00 when purchased individually. Ordering in bulk can save you money.