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Drink Flavour

Discover your ideal e-liquid flavour from our range of options. Our selection includes disposable vapes that mimic the taste of popular beverages, providing a variety of choices for your vaping experience.

Here at Haypp, we are proud to offer a wide range of e-liquid flavours from some of the biggest names in the industry. Whether it’s the sweet taste of a cherry cola or the hints of a pink lemonade, we have you covered. Better still, we offer free UK delivery with no minimum spend.

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Our Drink Vape Range

Explore disposable vape cartridges in a range of flavours inspired by fizzy drinks. Our selection includes tastes reminiscent of classic treats such as cola bottles, offering options for various vaping moments, from daily use to weekend afternoons.

The Best Drink Vape Flavours

For those who enjoy the classic cola taste or other fizzy drink tastes, there's an array of vape flavours to explore. Haypp's collection of drink vapes includes various combinations to cater to different tastes. Discover our most popular drink vape flavours below.

Cola Vape

Our most popular drinks inspired cola flavours include but are not limited to;

Pink Lemonade Vape

The Pink Lemonade vape flavour gives you a fruity twist on the classic lemonade flavour. The Elf Bar Pink Lemonade 600 V2 is one of our more popular products in this category.

Mojito Vape

Mojito vapes is another popular drink inspired vape flavour on Haypp. The SKE Crystal Bar Fresh Menthol Mojito 600, for example - a blend of minty and citrus flavours - is a customer favourite in the mojito vape category. 

Vape Drink Flavour E Liquid Strength

When searching for a cola flavour e liquid, it’s not all about the flavour. You also need to know the strength of your product to ensure that it aligns with your personal preferences. At Haypp, we stock a selection of items that use nic salts for faster nicotine delivery and longer-lasting benefits.

Regulations state that the maximum strength permitted for vape cartridges and pouches is 20mg while the maximum capacity is 2ml of e liquid. The majority of our disposable vape options that taste like cola bottles, such as the Elf Bar Cola 600 use these standards.

With so many options, many of our customers like to try and review several options with single packet purchases before re-ordering their favourite(s) in larger quantities as their ongoing day vape of choice. Whether you’re experimenting with different options, including cherry cola, or want to buy your favourite product with a guaranteed price match promise doesn’t matter. Haypp is the answer.

Drink Flavoured Vapes By Top Brands

From first-time vapers choosing their first e liquid flavour to experienced users looking to mix things up, every user deserves a disposable vape that they can rely on. Here at Haypp, we are committed to working exclusively with the biggest and best names in the industry.

Every item found on our website is a legitimate e liquid produced by the likes of Elf Bar, Lost Mary, SKE Crystal, and Vuse. When placing an order with Haypp, you can be certain that;

  • - Your e liquid will produce the best taste available.
  • - The disposable vape device will turn the liquid into vapour very efficiently.
  • - Your product will deliver the number of puffs advertised.
  • - Your product will be made from EP/USP pharmaceutical grade ingredients.


A disposable vape that’s flavoured like your favourite drinks is only effective if it works as expected. From the battery to the atomiser and mouthpiece, you can be 100% sure that the product will be perfectly designed to suit your needs. When combined with our price match promise and the fact we process orders from Monday to Sunday, every buyer can act with confidence.

How to Choose the Right Drink Vape

A great disposable vape should be convenient, easy to use and taste in a manner that meets the customer's expectations. While flavours like cola ice are sure to deliver on the latter feature, it’s important to review the other key features. 

The selection of reliable bands available at Haypp provides a solid starting point. Other key features to look for include;

  • - The battery type and power - integrated batteries with at least 390 mAH are ideal.
  • - How it is used - choose automatic devices or devices with easy inhalation activation. 
  • - How many puffs are offered - top products should deliver 600 or 700.
  • - Nicotine format - nic salts are the best due to speed and duration.
  • - Material quality - the mesh coil, atomiser, and key features must all work well. 


Of course, you also need to consider the convenience of the purchase. Customers who complete their orders with Haypp will benefit from free delivery, quick delivery, and reliable security through the payment process. 

Our experts also provide exceptional customer care through email and telephone to help you consider MTL and DTL setups. If you need to discuss your needs, we’ll help. Alternatively, you can head straight to the product of your choice through this site and have the order delivered to your door

FAQ about Drink Vapes

What should I expect from my cola ice or other drinks flavour vape?

When choosing a cola flavour e liquid, like any of the options at Haypp, you will notice a sweet and fizzy taste. The exact profile will vary between brands and products, especially if there is a hint of cherry coke. Still, a distinct and honest recreation of the classic soda is assured.

What strength will the nic salt be in my drink vape?

Each product has its own strength. However, the nic salt is typically 20mg, although products like the 700 puff Creamy Tobacco by Vuse contain 10mg. The majority of drinks flavour products contain 2ml of e liquid inside the cartridge or pod.

What quantities are your drink vapes available in?

At Haypp, most of our disposable vape items can be purchased in single-pack, 10-pack, 20-pack, and 30-pack solutions. As a buyer, you will get more value by purchasing a larger quantity. However, free UK delivery is offered on all purchases (in most parts of the UK). So, you can happily try a range of flavours before you pick a favourite for a larger order. 

How long does 600 puff drink vape last?

The overall lifespan of your device will be influenced by several factors including frequency of use and puff duration. Generally speaking, frequency vapers can expect their 600 puffs drink flavoured vape to last for 2-3 days. Less frequent users may see their product last for a week or longer.