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Skruf is one of the popular brands of strong nicotine pouches in the UK. The classic brand offers over 6 different flavours and nicotine strengths. Learn more about Skruf UK and order on Haypp!

What is Skruf?

Skruf snus is a range of Skruf pouches that contain tobacco. Skruf launched Skruf Super White, a range of tobacco-free snus, in order to give you the same Skruf quality but without tobacco. 

    Differences Between Skruf Snus vs. Skruf Super White

    Skruf have make two ranges: Skruf snus and Skruf Super White. The main difference between the two is Skruf snus contains tobacco (so is not sold in the UK or Europe), but Skruf Super White is tobacco-free. 

    Skruf Super White Flavours

    There are currently 7 unique flavours of Skruf Super White in the UK:

    • Fresh Mint (No.52, No.53, No.54 and No.55)
    • Purple Cassice (No.63 and No.71)
    • Polar Eucalpytus (No.57)
    • Nordic Liquorice (No.56)
    • Indigo Berry (No.62)
    • Frozen Mint (No.60)
    • Red Rhuby (#3)

    The most popular Skruf Super White flavours on Haypp are Skruf Fresh Mint and Skruf Frozen Mint (but the best Skruf UK pouches for you personally will depend on what flavours and strength you are looking for!)

    Skruf Super White Nicotine Strengths

    The Skruf range has nicotine strengths from 5mg to 18.3mg of per pouch. The strengths are categorised as follows:

    • Normal (Skruf No.56, No.62, No.71 and No. 52): 5mg of nicotine per pouch
    • Strong (Skruf No. 53, No.63, No.60 and No.57): 10mg of nicotine per pouch
    • Xtra (Skruf No. 54): 13mg of nicotine per pouch
    • Max (Skruf No.66): 18.3mg of nicotine per pouch
    • Ultra (Skruf No. 55): 18.7mg of nicotine per pouch

    How to Use Skruf Super White UK 

    Nicotine pouches are easy and convenient to use, you place them under your upper or lower lip. Once in place, the nicotine will be released. 
    Here are the 4 steps to help you get started using Skruf nicotine pouches. 

    1. 1. Put the pouch into your mouth
    2. 2. Position it under your upper or lower lip
    3. 3. Leave it for up to 40 min (you can move it if it becomes uncomfortable)
    4. 4. Remove the pouch and dispose of it

    Buy Skruf UK

    You can buy Skruf Super White in the UK on Haypp, but you can’t buy the original Skruf snus (as it contains tobacco). 
    You can buy  Skruf Super White online with Haypp, for good prices and we free shipping options with your order. Order your favourite nicotine pouches, such as Skruf nicotine pouches, on Haypp. 

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