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Nicotine Pouches at HAYPP

Today we hold one of the largest assortments of nicotine pouches online, with over 30 different brands and 300 different products. Here we'll walk through what nicotine pouches are, how our system of strength works as well as guide you through some of the brands we provide.

What Is Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine Pouches can easily be confused with Swedish snus and Chewing Tobacco due to the fact that you use them the same way, both contain nicotine and are served in cylindrical cans. But there is where the similarities end.

Nicotine Pouches are completely free from tobacco and chalk white, meaning that you don't stain your teeth when using them.

Snus and Chewing Tobacco are way more similar when looking at content as well as flavour. The distinct tobacco taste together with a brownish look of tobacco is the significants of Snus.

Nicotine Pouches are legal in the UK, while Snus is currently not.

Our Strength Standard

When you look at the different cans, you might see dots or lines that highlight the strength of the product. Sometimes you might react that these marks aren't matching what we communicating on site. The reason for that is that we, with our experience of oral nicotine, have created our own standard. 

· Less Intense Nicotine Pouches are the weakest portions in our assortment that contain nicotine. Here, we usually use the wording of "Less Intense" or "Mellow" Nicotine Pouches. Looking at the cans - these ones usually show as a 1 or 2 depending on which brand you prefer.

Less Intense portions contain 0,1mg-3mg per portion and are mainly recommended for new users of nicotine.


·· Normal Strong Nicotine Pouches is exactly what the name says, not that weak and not that strong - Normal. Looking at the cans, the normal strong portion can be seen as 2 or 3 dots.

Normal Strong portions contain 3,1mg-6mg of nicotine per portion and are mainly recommended for regular users of nicotine.


··· Strong Nicotine Pouches are the biggest category when it comes to strength with many different flavours and profiles from pretty much every brand that we provide. These ones are mainly displayed as 3 or 4 dots on the cans.

Strong portions contain 6,1mg-9mg of nicotine per portion and are mainly recommended for experienced users of nicotine.


···· Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches is the category for all of the strongest and most intense products in our assortment. On the cans, these ones can be shown as 4, 5, or even 6 dots, depending on which manufacturer is the producer.

Extra Strong products contain 9,1mg of nicotine or more and are mainly recommended for very experienced users of nicotine.


Brands at Haypp

At Haypp we only accept the best of the best. To secure that our assortment only contains the best nicotine pouches available, we test all products before we offer them on the market.

Read more about testing here

Today we do not offer our own brand but have partnered up with over 30 of the best manufacturers out there, where some are more famous than others, to build one of the largest assortments of nicotine pouches on the market.

Top Brands

NORDIC SPIRIT is one of the most well known brands available in the UK market - with a large assortment that matches every pouch user's preferences, in flavours as well as strengths.
VELO, earlier LYFT, is maybe the biggest brand in the world when it comes to nicotine pouches. Produced by BAT, British American Tobacco, VELO's assortment really has got it all, from less intense to extra strong packed in slim and mini pouches in a great variety of flavours.
LOOP is a great newcomer on the market. Produced by ASF, Another Snus Factory, LOOP immediately became a star on the "pouch-heaven" after getting launched back in 2020. In the assortment, you're able to find everything from classic mint flavour in many different strengths, to innovations like Jalapeno Lime, and Habanero flavoured pouches.
WHITE FOX is a brand mainly created for the experienced user of nicotine. Today White Fox only provides Extra Strong portions in a great variety of different shades of mint.
ZYN was probably the first huge brand in the market of nicotine pouches. Created by the legendary manufacturer Swedish Match, ZYN offers that perfect assortment of different flavours and strengths packed in different profiles of the pouches.