On! Citrus 4 mg Mini Normal

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On! Citrus 4 mg is a nicotine pouch with a fresh flavour of citrus. Each can contains 20 nicotine pouches.
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On! Citrus 4 mg is the middle strong variant of on! Citrus. You will also find On! Citrus 2 mg and On! Citrus 8 mg which is the one with highest nicotine strength. The square and modern boxes contain dry and discreet mini pouches with a tangible taste of citrus fruits. The all white pouches deliver both nicotine and flavour effectively and for a long time.

At the bottom of the can you’ll find a lit where you can put your used pouches. Everything so that you can enjoy On! anywhere at anytime. 


Each can of on! contains 20 nicotine pouches.

Short facts
Brand On!
Product type All White Portion
Format Mini
Strength Normal
Content per can (gram) 5.3
Flavour Citrus
Pouches per can 20
Weight per pouch (gram) 0.26
Nicotine strength (mg/pouch) 4
Producer Råå S