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Snus in London

Snus in London - A guide

As all snus users in London know, the sale of snus is illegal within the UK. 

Will Brexit make snus available?

It is still impossible to determine whether snus will become available for purchase in the UK now that Brexit has been finalised. Until now, the UK has followed the tobacco regulations set by the EU, and therefore could perhaps seek to assert its freedom by making snus a legal product. However, the tobacco rules could also become more strict.

Who uses snus in London?

As a multicultural city, London has its fair share of Swedes living within its borders. When moving to London, Swedes are usually loathed to give up their snus habit, and often bring an outer of snus cans back to London whenever they visit Sweden. There have also been rumours that Swedish bars and shops sell black market snus behind the counters – but of course this is hard to prove unless you are accepted into this secret snus society.

If you need to find other snus users to join for an online order, we recommend that you try befriending some Swedish expats.

The easiest way to get your nicotine kick

Nicotine pouches are currently legal in the UK, and no plans to revoke this have been made. Thus, if you wish to easily get your nicotine kick, you can always rely on a speedy delivery of nicotine pouches from

If you order your pouches from Haypp before 6:30 pm, they will arrive in the UK the very next day. After that, you can rely on the Royal Mail to deliver them to your doorstep within 1-2 working days.

Of course, because nicotine pouches are legal in the UK, you are also able to find them at several vape shops throughout the city. So, if you do not feel like waiting for your online order to arrive, they are readily available if you do not mind pounding the pavement in search of them. 


Perhaps the future may see the UK opening up its sales to snus. However, until such a time may come, you are able to buy enough for your own personal consumption online, or try nicotine pouches as a more accessible option.

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