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New Lost Mary BM600s: An Expert Lost Mary Review

Lost Mary are known for their range of disposable vapes. Recently, they announced the release of their new Lost Mary vape - the Lost Mary BM600s. This new Lost Mary disposable is supposed to be an upgrade of the classic fan favourite the Lost Mary BM600. But how does the classic BM600 compare to the new BM600s? This article provides a new Lost Mary BM600s review, comparing the new BM600s to the classic BM600 to help you decide if the new BM600s is worth a try. Let's delve into the details and start comparing.

New Lost Mary BM600 vs Original Lost Mary BM600: An Overview

CategoryNew Lost Mary BM600sLost Mary BM600
Number of Flavours8+30+
Nicotine Strength20mg20mg
Number of PuffsUp to 600Up to 600
Battery and CoilPowered by a QUAQ cell with a mesh coil and 360mAh battery.Regular mesh coil powered by a 360mAh battery
Device DesignVape pen design with metallic colouring in a crystal casingBottle-flask design in a range of dual-tone matte colours

New Lost Mary BM600S Review

lost mary new lost mary bm600

The new Lost Mary BM600s is an upgraded version of the classic Lost Mary BM600. This disposable vape keeps the familiar bottle-flask design but now has the addition of a mesh coil and a range of new flavour options. The Lost Mary BM600s has a compact, bottle-shaped device that fits nicely in your pocket but the device is still ergonomic. These devices also have a stylish design with a dual tone, matte ombre design that is coordinated with the flavour of the vape.

Currently, there are over 8 different flavours of the new Lost Mary, and all the flavours in the Lost Mary BM600s range come prefilled with e-liquid that has a 2% nic salt (20mg) nicotine strength. These prefilled vapes last around 600 puffs and are powered by a mesh coil with a 360mAh battery to get the most from your vape device. 


New Lost Mary BM600s Review: Expert Rankings

We asked our in-house expert, Beth, to give her review of the new Lost Mary BM600s. 

Flavour: ⭐⭐⭐
Durability: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Design: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“The Lost Mary BM600S disposable vape is the highly anticipated upgrade to the best-selling Lost BM600, boasting all of the same popular features but with an exciting addition - an integrated mesh coil. I wasn’t sure what to expect when trying the new Lost Mary, as I am already a fan of the Lost Mary BM600 and had no idea how different it could really be. Off the bat, what I like best about this new Lost Mary vape is that it keeps the same bottle-flask design and that it has a new set of flavours all powered by the latest QUAQ cell technology. With the BM600S, I notice that the flavours are definitely more enhanced and the lifespan of my device was super good - pretty decent for a vape that comes in a sleek and compact format. Each BM600S device is pre-filled with 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid and definitely lived up to the 600 puffs advertised, with the flavour remaining consistent throughout. This throw away vape requires no additional setup and creates vapour from the moment you take your first drag which is super impressive.  The QUAQ Mesh coil at the heart of the BM600S offers a unique combination of an ultra-fine mesh coil and a highly absorbent wick, resulting in good flavour production and no e-liquid wastage - making it a better experience and made me feel like I got a better deal with the new Lost Mary vape.  
The main thing I feel is lacking is in the flavour range - while I love the flavour selection, especially some of the exclusive new Lost Mary BM600s flavours such as Pina Kiwi Lemonade, the range is quite small versus other vape collections and all the flavours are fruity. Would love to see some non-fruit or sweet vape flavours enter the collection, but this is more down to my personal preferences.”

Lost Mary BM600 Review

lost mary new lost mary bm600
The Lost Mary BM600 is the best-known of the Lost Mary vapes. These vapes are known for their compact, bottle-shaped disposable device design. The design of the Lost Mary BM600 ensures it fits nicely in your pocket while it is still able to give a comfortable grip in your hand when you use the device. These devices also have a stylish design with a dual tone, ombre design that indicates the flavour. 
The original Lost Mary BM600 is available in over 30 different flavours and all flavours come in 2% nic salt (20mg) nicotine strength. These prefilled vapes last around 600 puffs and are powered by a 360mAh battery that gets you to the final puffs. 

Original Lost Mary BM600 Review: Expert Rankings

We asked our in-house expert, Beth, to give her review of the original Lost Mary BM600 vape.

Flavour: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Durability: ⭐⭐⭐
Design: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“This vape doesn’t really need much of an introduction, it is a firm classic in the rotation of disposable vapes owned by any MTL disposable vape user. The BM600 is a classic, with a compact bottle-flask shape that I personally love. I like the format they chose for the BM600 as I feel the boxy shape makes the device sturdy and a better fit in your pocket compared to the classic vape pen designs (especially considering how much smaller pockets are becoming in this day and age!). I also have always loved the flavour range on offer (with the Lost Mary Pineapple Ice being my all time favourite in the BM600 range) - I wish some of these flavours were already in the new Lost Mary range. Personally, I do feel that the performance is a little more consistent with the new Lost Mary vs this classic BM600 and (as with all Lost Mary vapes) I wish there were more nicotine strength options available.”

The Differences Between the New Lost Mary BM600s vs Original BM600

Comparing the new Lost Mary with the original BM600, you can find many similarities between the two; they both contain 2% nic salts and give up to 600 puffs. However, there are two key differences in the current range of new Lost Mary BM600s vapes versus the original Lost Mary BM600 range. 

  1. Mesh Coil and QUAQ Technology. The new Lost Mary has gained a mesh coil, which helps improve the consistency of the flavour and the efficiency of each new Lost Mary BM600s disposable vape. 
  2. Flavour Range. There are currently less options in the list of new Lost Mary BM600s flavours versus the classic Lost Mary BM600. 

New Lost Mary BM600 vs Classic BM600: How to Find the Right Device for You

All vapers have a different set of priorities when looking for what they want in a disposable device: the vape that will best suit you will change depending on what features you value most, whether that be flavour, MTL compatibility or even battery power. 

Not sure which of the Lost Mary vapes is best for you? Why not consider trying one of our customer’s top picks!

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  1. 1. Lost Mary Pineapple Ice
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