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Lost Mary Flavours List

The Best Lost Mary Flavours Review (2023)

Lost Mary is a relatively new brand of disposable vapes, but they are already one of the most popular brands among UK vapers. Their popularity comes from not only their ease of use but also their compact design and selection of unique flavours. While Elf Bar is still currently the top disposable vape brand, Lost Mary could overtake Elf Bar in popularity!

Looking to get started with Lost Mary? We guide you through all Lost Mary flavours as well as our top ranked flavours of Lost Mary vapes and the types of Lost Mary vapes (BM600 vs QM600). 

All Lost Mary Vape Flavours (2023)

New Lost Mary Flavours

Lost Mary keep adding new flavours to their range, the newest flavours from Lost Mary are:

Top 5 Best Lost Mary Flavours Overall

As taste is down to preference, there are many ways to define the top list of best Lost Mary flavours. Our choices were made based on our inhouse opinion as 
As everyone’s preference is different, it can be difficult to create a definitive ‘best of’ list when it comes to Lost Mary flavours. With this in mind, we choose these flavours based on a combination of in-house taste tasting, customer feedback and sales data to create a varied selection that would appeal to users of all tastes.


1. Watermelon Ice (BM600)

A firm favourite at Haypp, Lost Mary Watermelon Ice takes top spot! 
With a sweet, fruity watermelon flavour that enhances your vape experience. Each drag gives you a combination of cantaloupe and watermelon notes, with a chill of menthol hitting you as you exhale to balance the sweetness. A vape for those who like it sweet, but not too sweet!

2. Mad Blue (QM600)

One of the unique flavours available only from Lost Mary vapes, Lost Mary Mad Blue gives you the flavours of tart blackcurrant and sweet blueberry with each hit, for a balanced and rounded fruit flavour experience. This flavour is a good option if you like fruit-flavoured vapes, and prefer to skip the menthol hit of ice flavours. 

3. Pink Lemonade (BM600)

The Pink Lemonade Lost Mary flavour is a trusted classic. The Lost Mary Pink Lemonade combines a citrus tang with red berry notes for a flavour reminiscent of the soda. Give it a go for a lemonade flavour vape experience!

4. Blueberry Sour Raspberry (BM600)

This vape balances sweet and sour flavours well, and puts the Lost Mary Blueberry Sour Raspberry takes 4th place. Each drag gives a bold flavour that lasts, with the sour tang to add dimension to your vape experience. It is one to try if you a fan of a sour tang!

5. Cherry Ice (QM600)

A fruity vape with a cool finish, the Cherry Ice Lost Mary takes the last top 5 spot. Cherry Ice is one of our bestselling flavours as it brings the classic cherry flavour to a new level with a menthol note on the exhale. 

Lost Mary Best Vape Flavour: Fruit

Winner: Lost Mary Blue Razz Cherry
Lost Mary Blue Razz Cherry is one of our top flavours in the fruit category! This vape gives the flavour blend of sweet fruit with sharp blue raspberry and cherry tang. It is not an overly sweet fruit flavour as it balances the sweet with the sour for a rounded flavour experience with each puff. 

Lost Mary Best Vape Flavour: Mint

Winner: Lost Mary Menthol
A real underdog, the Lost Mary Menthol vape is, in our opinion, underrated. It gives a different flavour experience to most vapes, which are geared towards the sweeter flavours, and is great if you want a cooling vape experience. The Menthol Lost Mary gives a blend of traditional cooling mint flavours - focusing on the sweet mint rather than cutting mint flavours. 

Lost Mary Best Vape Flavour: Soda

Winner: Lost Mary Pink Lemonade
Already in our top spot overall, the Lost Mary Pink Lemonade is our top Lost Mary soda flavour. 

Top New Lost Mary Flavours (Summer 2023)

Lost Mary are always adding new flavours to their collection, so you can Lost Mary new flavours appearing every month. So, which are the most popular new lost mary vape flavours? Here are our top 3 new Lost Mary flavours released this summer:

1. Lost Mary Pink Senorita BM600

Quick to become a firm favourite with Haypp vapers, Lost Mary vape new flavour is a sweet and also tart citrus flavour - blending lemonade with sweet orange.

2. Lost Mary Mint Tobacco BM600

A non-sweet flavour, expanding the Lost Mary flavour collection, this flavour combines woody tobacco notes with cool menthol.

3. Lost Mary Cherry Peach Lemonade QM600

The Cherry Peach Lemonade flavour  combines citrusy lemonade with notes of sweet peach and tart cherry. 

Lost Mary BM600 vs Lost Mary QM600

Lost Mary Flavours List
The main difference between the Lost Mary BM600 and Lost Mary QM600 is the coil. Each of the Lost Mary QM600s is fitted with an advanced mesh coil - meaning the eliquid is drawn up smoother compared to the Lost Mary BM600. 
There is also a difference in design, with the Lost Mary QM600 not having the classic square-shaped disposable device you are probably familiar with. The QM600s have a traditional vape pen design. There are some slight differences in flavour options, but as the QM600 is still a new vape device, this is to be expected.

However, both devices have the same amount of prefilled e-liquid (2ml), around 600 puffs of battery power and both work with inhale activation technology (so you can use your Lost Mary vape straight out of the box). 

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