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Best Disposable Vape UK

Best Disposable Vapes UK (2023)

Determining the best disposable vape 2022 can be tricky, as so much of vaping is down to personal preference. In order to determine the best disposable vape in the UK (2022), we have (with the help of consumer data) looked at the best disposable vapes by reviewing:

  1. Best Disposable Vape Flavours
  2. Longest Lasting Disposable Vapes
  3. Safest Disposable Vapes
These categories can help you narrow down which are the best disposable vapes for you. Check out the rankings for each category as well as an expert review from our Haypp vape expert. 

Best Disposable Vape Overall (2023)

Winner: Elf Bar 600 Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice

The best overall disposable vape is the Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice from Elf Bar. The description of this Elf Bar states that it has a flavour of “summer strawberry, raspberry and cherry with a menthol note on the exhale”. 

Review from our vape expert: “After trying this vape, it is easy to see how it is so popular. The flavour tastes strongly of strawberry and cherry, and is very noticeable on the inhale. Upon the exhale, you get a cold menthol chill, which is not usually something I like from a vape,  but it balances the sweet fruit flavour nicely” 

Best Disposable Vape Flavours

What you prefer will depend on your taste, but according to research by GOV.UK (2021), the 3 most popular vape flavours in the UK are:

  1. Fruit (over 31.6% of vapers choose fruit-flavoured vapes)
  2. Tobacco (25.2% of vapers prefer tobacco-flavoured vapes)
  3. Mint (20% of vapers gravitate towards mint-flavoured vapes)

Best Fruit Flavoured Disposable Vape

Winner: Lost Mary Strawberry Ice

The best fruit flavoured disposable vape is the Lost Mary Strawberry Ice. The flavour description of this from Lost Mary is a “captures the flavours of sweet, fresh strawberries as you inhale, and greets you with a hit of icy menthol as you exhale”. 

Review from our vape expert:  “Another one of the ice flavours that are so popular (personally, as I mentioned, not quite sure why as I am not big on the menthol), the Strawberry Ice gives a sweet and mint flavour experience. The sweetness of summer strawberry is the first thing that hits you when you inhale, followed by a cool menthol on the exhale to cut through the sweetness. Without the menthol, it would be overly sweet, so the menthol is a great touch.” 

2nd Place: Elf Bar Strawberry Ice Cream

“A sweet vape, this vape definitely lives up to its description. It has the flavour of sweet strawberry that meets you first, followed by a sweet cream following close behind. It is a popular choice with vapers who like a super sweet vape flavour experience.”

3rd Place: Lost Mary BM600 Pineapple Ice

“This flavour is one of my favourites (even if it does contain menthol). The pineapple isn’t too sweet and has that slight tartness and acidity you get from pineapple, combined with the menthol on the exhale adds a unique flavour that is a solid option for vapers who prefer a less sweet option.”

Best Fruit Flavoured Disposable Vape Pods

Winner: Elf Bar Elfa Strawberry Grape

This flavour is described as having “the flavour combination of sweet strawberry and grape”. 

Review from our vape expert: “The Elfa Strawberry Grape pods live up to their name: with the strawberry and grape flavours both being present. Personally, I feel the strawberry is a little stronger than the grape flavour, but it is a good sweet vape pod option.”

2nd Place: Elf Bar Elfa Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice

“Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice is a classic Elf Bar flavour - just like with the Elf Bar 600, the flavour tastes strongly of strawberry and cherry on the inhale and exhale gives a cold menthol chill. It has the classic Elf Bar flavour, but in a pod version!”

3rd Place: Elf Bar Elfa Watermelon Cherry

“These are a summer flavour: with a juicy watermelon and tart cherry nicotine eliquid. These pods give the balance of summer sweetness with the tartness you get with cherry. Each pod gives a balanced vape flavour experience and are a solid Elfa pod choice for summer.”

Best Tobacco Flavoured Disposable Vape

Winner: Elf Bar Cream Tobacco

This flavour is described as having “the roasted notes of tobacco”. 

Review from our vape expert: “While tobacco-free tobacco flavoured products are not my usual choice, this flavour has a lot of depth. You can taste the roasted notes of tobacco and they are carefully balanced with a lighter creamy note which gives it a nutty flavour almost.”

2nd Place: Lost Mary Mint Tobacco

“A classic combination, this Lost Mary BM600 combines the dark notes of tobacco on the inhale with a chilled hint of menthol on the exhale. If you like the combination of mint and tobacco, or prefer a darker flavour, this is one to consider.”

Best Mint Flavoured Disposable Vape

Winner: Elf Bar Spearmint

This flavour is described as having “the roasted notes of tobacco”. 

Review from our vape expert: “This mint flavoured vape has a spiced edge and a slight floral note that stops this vape just being a monotone mint. As you would expect for a spearmint flavoured vape, the mint flavour is lighter and slightly sweet compared to a classic mint like you get with toothpaste or a polo. It is definitely a cool alternative to the fruity flavoured vapes”

2nd Place: Vuse Go Mint Ice

 “The Vuse Go Mint Ice flavour has a primary focus on a peppermint flavour. It is a warm and pungent mint flavour but with a cooling aftertaste that is enhanced by the “ice” (menthol). This vape is a good option if you like a truly mint vape, with two types of mint to give a multidimensional mint flavour.”

3rd Place: SKE Crystal Bar Fresh Menthol Mojito

 “What makes the Crystal Bar Fresh Menthol Mojito stand out compared to the other mint flavoured vapes in this ranking is that it features not only menthol and mint flavours, but it also has and citrus and lime flavours added in. There is not an overwhelmingly menthol flavour, there is quite a “mint leaf” flavour to it and lime as you would expect from the drink itself. ”

Longest Lasting Disposable Vape

Each brand of disposable vape usually comes with an estimated number of puffs the bar will last: however, this is an estimate depending on how intensely you drag and puff. We compared the number of puffs you can expect from each disposable vape brand, and the longest lasting disposable vapes are (based on battery power and estimated number of puffs):

  1. Elux Legend 3500: up to 3500 puffs, powered by a 1500mAh built-in battery
  2. Elux Firerose Nova: up to 600 puffs, powered by a 550mAh battery
  3. Aroma King: up to 600 puffs, powered by a 550mAh internal battery
  4. SKE Crystal Bar: up to 600 puffs, powered by a 500mAh internal battery
  5. Found Mary: up to 600 puffs with a 500mAh internal battery
  6. Elux Vibe 600: up to 600 puffs, with a 500mAh battery
  7. Gold Bar: up to 600 puffs, with a 500mAh battery
  8. Flonq: up to 600 puffs, with a 400mAh battery
  9. Elf Bar: up to 600 puffs, and has a 360mAh battery powering it
  10. Lost Mary BM600, BM600s and QM600: up to 600 puffs, but has a smaller 360mAh battery powering it
  11. Blu Bar: up to 600 puffs powered by a 400mAh battery
  12. Elux Legend Mini: around 575 puffs, with a 500 mAh
  13. Vuse Go: up to 500 puffs, with a 370 mAh battery

Based on this, we can see that they all last a relatively similar number of puffs - but the Elux Legend 3500 is the disposable vape that lasts the longest. 

Which are the Safest Disposable Vapes?

Buying your vape from a UK retailer can already help give you some peace of mind, as vapes sold in the UK are covered by specific regulations in the Tobacco Products Derivative (TPD). However, to make sure you are getting the safest disposable vape possible, you should always be looking for:

  1. A Regulated Vape. This means it has an internal circuit board that can cut off and has a maximum wattage to protect users. 
  2. A Unique Serial Code. This is a code that can be found on the box of the vape, and can be used to check the device is authentic by entering the code on the brand’s website. As there are fakes around on the market, it is important that you buy your vape from an established store such as Haypp to make sure you get a safety tested disposable vape.

Which is the Best Disposable Vape in the UK?

The best disposable vape in the UK depends on which category is most important to you. If you rank the best as the longest lasting, then you might consider Elf Bar the best disposable vape. However, if you are ranking by flavour, then fruit-flavoured bars are the best disposable vapes. In general, we think that the best disposable vapes in the UK can be found on Haypp. Find your favourites from Elf Bar, Elux, Lost Mary, SKE Crystal Bar and Aroma King. 

If affordability is what you are looking for check out our list of cheap and affordable vapes.

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