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Lost Mary QM600

Introducing the Lost Mary QM600 - the newest disposable vape device from Lost Mary, with a new coil technology, and a lot of new flavours!   About Lost Mary QM600

About Lost Mary QM600 Vape

The Lost Mary QM600 is the latest product launched by Lost Mary with a new shape and advance coil technology. Lost Mary QM600 is lightweight and compact, for a hassle-free vaping experience. There are no buttons or complicated menu systems, as each vape works on inhale activation technology for an MTL (mouth to lung) vape experience. With over 4 popular flavours to choose from, elevate your vape experience today. 

Lost Mary QM600 Disposable Vapes Overview

  • Precharged Internal Battery
  • 2ml eliquid
  • 20mg nic salt
  • Up to 600 puffs
  • Compact vape pen design
  • Ultimate hygienic food-grade plastic material (PCTG)
  • Mesh coil technology

Which Lost Mary QM600 Flavours Are There?

There are 18 different Lost Mary QM600 flavours to choose from, including:

  • Mad Blue (a combination of tart blackcurrants and sweet blueberry notes)
  • Cherry Ice (sweet yet tart cherry flavour with a menthol exhale)
  • Watermelon Ice (sweet and juicy watermelon flavour with a menthol chill as you exhale)
  • Blueberry Raspberry (a berry flavoured vape, with tart raspberry and sweet blueberry flavours)

Lost Mary QM600 vs Lost Mary BM600

While both the Lost Mary QM600 and Lost Mary BM600 have fairly similar specs, there are three major differences between the two. 

  1. The shape of the vape is different, with the Lost Mary QM600 having a traditional vape pen design compared to the distinct palm-sized square design of the Lost Mary BM600.  
  2. The Lost Mary QM600 works with new advanced mesh coil technology for a smoother vape experience, unlike the Lost Mary BM600.
  3. There are different flavours of Lost Mary BM600 vs Lost Mary QM600.