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Gold Bar Flavours

If you are looking for the best Gold Bar vape flavours, we have a huge variety of options to satisfy your needs. We're going to show you a variety of the best flavours we have to offer and everything you need to know about Gold Bar vapes so you get the best possible experience and take your vaping to the very next level!

The Top 5 Gold Bar Flavours

1. Gold Bar Watermelon Ice 600

Try a unique vape experience with Watermelon Ice. The taste of watermelon meets a hint of menthol, resulting in a distinctive flavour profile.

2. Gold Bar Summer Berries 600 

Get that taste of summer berries with your vape. A blend of strawberry, cherry, and raspberry flavours combines sweetness and tartness in equal measure.

3. Gold Bar Blue Raspberry 600

It’s raspberry, but not as you know it! Combining the sweet and tart tastes of blue raspberry together in one disposable vape makes for a unique mixture. 

4. Gold Bar Lemon Ice 600

Sour lemon meets menthol for a unique and consistent flavour experience.

5. Gold Bar Strawberry Peach 600

A unique flavour blending the sweetness of strawberry with the fruity notes of peach.

The Full List of Gold Bar Flavours

Blue Raspberry

Blue raspberry presents a variation of the raspberry flavour with a blue hue and slightly sweeter taste. Combining the tartness of raspberries with a subtle sweetness creates a balanced vape experience.

Watermelon Ice

A blend of sweet watermelon with a menthol kick. The Watermelon Ice flavour provides a fruity experience with a menthol finish.

Summer Berries

Summer Berries is a blend of strawberry, cherry, and raspberry, creating a mix of sweetness, tartness, and tanginess to create a multi-dimensional fruity taste.

Raspberry Watermelon

A mix of sweet watermelon with the tartness of raspberries provides a fruity vape with an balance of sweetness and tanginess.

Pink Grapefruit

Pink Grapefruit delivers a tangy citrus flavour with a hint of sweetness working as perfect complements to each other.

Lemon Ice

The balance of lemon and menthol creates a tangy and distinctive vape. The bursts of citrus flavour with a minty menthol undertone make for an excellent combination.

Strawberry Peach

The sweetness of strawberries with peaches results in a fusion of fruity flavours, with strawberries providing the sweet base and peaches offering its own distinctive note.

Kiwi Passion

The blend of kiwi and passion fruit flavours, with the tartness of the kiwi and the sweetness of the passion fruit, creates a balanced flavour profile that's tangy and aromatic.

Peach Ice

The natural sweetness of peaches is paired with menthol in this vape flavour.

Watermelon Citrus Ice

Watermelon mixed with a burst of citrus fruits and a menthol finish results in a fruity vape flavour.


Explore our whole range of Gold Bar Flavours below!

About Gold Bar Vapes

Gold Bar is a popular brand of disposable vapes. Whether you're looking for the best Gold Bar flavours or you are looking to elevate your vape experience, Gold Bar vapes provides a wide range of flavours to ensure you get the most out of the best vapes on the market. You can expect a whole range of benefits from each Gold Bar device, including:

  • - 2 ml of 20 mg/ml (2%) nicotine salt e-liquid, allowing for faster and more efficient nicotine absorption to provide you with a better vaping experience. This makes Gold Bar vapes an excellent option for users transitioning from traditional cigarettes looking for excellent flavour quality and consistency.
  • - You can expect up to 600 puffs per unit, offering a convenient and hassle-free vaping experience which will provide you with the hit you need when on the go. With no need to worry about refilling or recharging the device, you can be guaranteed to maximise your vaping experience wherever you are.
  • - The integrated 500 mAh battery and Hyper Mesh coil allow for up to 11 hours of use (and can even deliver up to 800 puffs depending on usage) before needing to be replaced. The Hyper Mesh coil helps maintain excellent flavour quality and consistency throughout the disposable vape's battery life.
  • - Hyper Mesh technology heats up quickly and efficiently, providing a satisfying vaping experience with each puff and vaporising more e-liquid per draw in comparison to traditional coils.

Gold Bar Flavours FAQs

What is a Gold Bar Vape?

A Gold Bar vape is more than just a disposable vaping device. Housed in a gold casing, it instantly elevates the look of your box standard vape. Each ultracompact vape comes preloaded with 2ml of 20mg Nic Salt e-liquid specifically designed to provide the very best hassle-free vaping experiences. With a huge range of Gold Bar vape flavours, you can try out a whole range of options to give your vape something extra.

What Are the Most Popular Gold Bar Flavours?

With a range of Gold Bar flavours available, you can get the very best vape taste that will tickle your fancy. From Lemon Ice to Strawberry Peach and Pink Grapefruit, every Gold Bar vape gives you something special. The two Watermelons, Raspberry Watermelon and Watermelon Ice, provide both distinctly fruity and tart experiences, with the latter finishing off with a menthol kick. Whatever you are seeking, there's a whole range of Gold Bar flavours for every mood and preference.

Are Gold Bar Vapes Good?

Gold Bar vapes are made from a winning combination of state-of-the-art technology and top-tier craftsmanship, resulting in a device which will provide a reliable vaping experience. Gold Bar looks and feels like a great vape because, very simply, it is.

How Long Do Gold Bar Vapes Last?

Gold Bar vapes are a practical and stylish addition with longevity to boot! Every 500mAh battery lasts approximately 11 hours and delivers around 600 puffs before running out, making it a cost-effective and incredibly convenient choice for anybody looking for a Gold Bar vape. Suitable for newcomers to vaping and those long in the tooth, this is a vape that always offers longevity and quality.

How Do I Use a Gold Bar Vape?

A Gold Bar vape is simple and easy to use. There's no settings or buttons; all you need to do is take the vape out of the box and draw from the mouthpiece. The Hyper Mesh Coil technology means you will experience a rush of exquisite flavour for a simple and effortless vaping session.

Are Gold Bar Vapes Safe?

Safety is a top priority for every Gold Bar vape, with each device adhering to rigorous safety and quality standards. The 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid is perfectly blended and every vape is made from the highest quality materials. Gold Bar vapes provide a reliable, stress-free vaping experience.

How Many Puffs Are in a Gold Bar Vape?

Gold Bar vapes provide a very generous puff count. Each device delivers approximately 600 puffs from the integrated 500mAh battery. Whether you are using this as your main device or as a disposable backup, the Gold Bar can be your trusted resource in all things vaping.

Can Gold Bar Vapes be Refilled?

With every Gold Bar flavour and vape, the design is all about convenience. Once you've enjoyed your 600 puffs, you can dispose of the device in an environmentally friendly way. There are many vape recycling facilities available, ensuring that you can get rid of the device in a responsible manner and grab a new one to continue your vaping.

How Can I Buy Gold Bar Vapes?

Haypp makes it easy to buy the Gold Bar vapes you want in a huge range of flavours. You can purchase disposable vapes in a number of different ways including as a 1-pack, 10-pack, 20-pack, or 30-pack. The larger the pack, the more value for money it is, and with low prices, great discounts, and fast and free delivery within two days, you can get your vapes your way.

What Are the Benefits of Gold Bar Vapes?

Gold Bar vapes provide a range of exceptional benefits:

  • - Amazing battery life and puff count. Depending on your particular vaping habits, you can get at least 600 puffs over 11 hours.
  • - Consistent and high-quality flavour profiles, which will give you an exceptional vaping experience. From Watermelon Ice with its menthol fruity notes to Pink Grapefruit, Blue Raspberry, and many more, everybody can get the flavours they want.
  • - A distinctive product design, elevating it beyond standard disposable vapes. Its integrated 500mAh battery and Hyper Mesh coil provide the very best vaping in a simple, easy-to-use, disposable vape.
  • - Compliant with all UK vaping regulations. An extremely affordable vape, especially when purchased in bulk.