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Elux Flavours

ELUX is one of the fastest-growing brands in the vaping industry, offering not only some of the highest-quality vapes in the market, but also an unparalleled range of flavours and flavour combinations. Across their unique collections of vapes - including the Elux Firerose Nova, Elux Cube, and the Elux Legend Mini II collections - ELUX offers some of the most popular flavours among consumers. Thanks to the company’s commitment to innovation, state-of-the-art design, and high standards of quality you’ll never be short of new flavour choices to try. Find the perfect vape for your ideal vaping experience at Haypp. 

A World of Flavours: Top Picks from Elux

From the compact Elux Legend and the innovative Elux Cube, Elux's range of products is swiftly climbing the ranks as one of the UK's most popular choices for disposable vapes. Besides the fact that these vapes are incredibly convenient, pre-filled, and effortless to enjoy thanks to their inhale activation feature, they also come in an endless range of flavour and flavour combinations. Check out the most popular Elux flavours below. 

Elux Legend Mini II Blueberry Sour Raspberry 600 (20mg)

Experience an innovative, tangy twist on classic berries with the Elux Legend Mini II Blueberry Sour Raspberry. This blend combines the sweetness of blueberries with the sharp zest of raspberries, creating a sour note. This option is ideal for those who love their fruit - but with a kick!

Elux Firerose Nova Lemon Lime 600 (20mg)

Looking to explore a new flavour?  Look no further than the zesty taste of Elux Firerose Nova Lemon Lime. This combination of different citrus fruits and the blend of tangy lemon and lime, offers a one-of-a-kind vaping experience.

Elux Cube Mr Blue 600 (20mg)

The Elux Cube Mr Blue is created for those who love the unique flavour notes of forest fruits and berries. This vape combines the sweetness of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, presenting a fruity flavour profile.

Elux Elux Legend 3500 Fizzy Cherry (0mg) 

If you are looking for an alternative to smoking tobacco but you are not ready to give up on a premium vaping experience, the Elux Legend 3500 Fizzy Cherry is for you. This zero-nicotine option offers a mix of cherries and fizz, creating a one-of-a-kind flavour profile. Plus, the design of this disposable vape is just unique!

Elux Vibe Grape Blue Raspberry Cherry 600 (20mg

The Elux Vibe Grape Blue Raspberry Cherry is among the most popular vapes by Elux thanks to its varied and high-quality flavour profile. This sweet and sour mix brings together the flavours of grape, blue raspberry, and cherry.

Dive Into the Elux Flavour Palette

Over the years, the team at Elux has worked tirelessly to provide consumers with a whole range of different products and collections. Not only do these series of disposable vapes are created to entice the eye, but they also ensure taste and consistency throughout the vaping experience, from the first to the last puff. In the sections below, we’ll look at the most up-and-coming collections of disposable vapes by Elux - as well as their heritage series!

Elux Legend and Legend Mini Collections: Bold and Iconic

Elux Legend 3500 and Legend Mini collections might not be the newest entries in the Elux’s range, but they continue to be some of the most popular choices among new and returning consumers. These vapes - which offer between 600 and 3500 puffs and a whole range of nicotine strength options - are known for their standout design, convenience, and quality. Last but not least, over the years, Elux has continued to add flavour options to this series, now boasting over 14 different combinations. 

Elux Cube 600 Series: Compact and Flavorful

The Elux Cube 600 is a relatively new series of disposable vape bars. Not only are they available in over 30 flavour combinations, but they also boast flavour options that are unique in the market - like the Elux Cube Kiwi Passionfruit Guava 600 (20mg), the Elux Cube Tiger Blood 600 (20mg), and the Elux Cube Red Apple Ice 600 (20mg). Some of the unique features of these vapes - aside from their incredible flavour profiles - include their long-lasting battery, convenience thanks to its draw-activation system, and lightweight design. 

Elux Vibe: Convenience Without Compromising on Flavour 

The Elux Vibe series is one of the most iconic, long-lasting options for vapers across the UK. The range of disposable vape bars include unique combinations like the Elux Vibe Watermelon Apple 600 (20mg) and the Elux Vibe Mango Raspberry Red Apple 600 (20mg)

Elux Firerose Nova Products: New Elux Flavours You Can’t Miss Out On

Looking for something new and different? Dive into the convenience and flair of the Firerose Nova series by Elux, a vape bar designed to be sleek, pocket-sized, discrete - and perfect to meet your lifestyle needs.  

Not only do they come in over 30 unique flavours and flavour combinations, these disposable vapes also blend style with functionality, offering an impressive 550mAh battery life and a 2ml nic salt e-liquid capacity, ensuring you're always ready for a vaping session.

Elux's Exclusive Flavours: A Complete List 

Crafting an exhaustive list of all the vape flavours and combinations offered by Elux isn’t easy! Not only does Elux currently offer vapes in a wide range of tens of flavours, but this manufacturer is also always working to extend their range and expand their flavour option. 

So, below, we’ll look at some of the flavour belonging to the complete list of options offered by Elux and available at Haypp: 

  • - Blackcurrant Ice - A fusion of sweet blackcurrant with a menthol finish.
  • - Mango Raspberry Red Apple - The sweet notes of mango, complemented by tart raspberry and crisp red apple.
  • - Strawberry Lemon Peach - A blend of sweet peach, strawberry, and tangy lemon.
  • - Grape Blue Raspberry Cherry - A flavour trio of sweet grape, tart cherry, and zesty blue raspberry.
  • - Red Apple Ice - A new take on a classic taste.
  • - Blueberry Pomegranate - A combination of sweet blueberry and sour pomegranate. 
  • - Blackcurrant Menthol - Undecided between a menthol and a fruit flavour? This combination has it all. 
  • - Watermelon Apple - Notes of apple blended with a sweet watermelon taste.
  • - Sakura White Peach - A mix of cherry blossom and sweet peach.


It's safe to say Elux has a vast range of flavours to choose from. Read more about the most popular Elux Bar flavours in our extensive guide covering the topic.

How to Find the Perfect Elux Vape Flavour for Your Needs

Navigating the selection of Elux vape flavours doesn't have to be a costly game packed with trial-and-error! Here is some key guidance: 

  • - Start with Sampler Packs: Opt for smaller packs or single vapes options to explore a variety of flavours.
  • - Read Reviews: Leverage user feedback to gain insights on flavour profiles.
  • - Know Your Preferences: Think about what your favourite food and drink flavours are to guide your choices.
  • - Seek Recommendations: Consult friends - or the team at Haypp! - for tried-and-tested flavour favourites.
  • - Consider Nicotine Strength: Higher nicotine levels can result in more pronounced flavour. Be sure to keep that in mind when choosing your next vape!


Adjusting the nicotine strength can significantly alter your overall experience! Higher strengths provide a more pronounced nicotine impact, while lower strengths deliver a subtler experience.

Elux Flavours FAQ

What makes Elux flavours different from other brands?

Elux flavours stand out thanks to their innovative blends and authentic taste profiles, each of which is crafted for the ideal vaping experience.

How do I choose the right Elux product for me?

Choosing the right Elux product involves taking into account your flavour preferences, desired nicotine strength, and the type of vape device you feel most comfortable with.

Can I switch flavours easily with Elux vapes?

Yes, switching flavours with Elux vapes is effortless, thanks to their wide range of disposable options designed for convenience!

What are the most popular Elux flavours?

The most popular Elux flavours include Blackcurrant Ice, Grape Blue Raspberry Cherry, and Mango Raspberry Red Apple - but the options are endless!

How often does Elux release new flavours?

Elux regularly releases new flavours and combinations - but you are likely to already find what you are looking for in their tens of vape flavours and combinations. 

Where can I buy Elux products?

An exhaustive range of Elux products are available on Haypp - a trusted online retailer of vape products. With each purchase, you’ll also be able to enjoy unparalleled customer care, no minimum order, and free delivery.