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Elux Cube 600

Meet the Cube 600 - a new disposable vape from Elux. These vape bars are convenient and disposable. Shop the full Elux Cube range on Haypp!

Cube 600 from Elux (UK)

Meet the Cube 600 - one of the newest disposable vapes from Elux. These vape bars are convenient, require no setup and work with inhale activation for up to 600 puffs.
The Elux Cube vape is available in over 30 different flavours, all with 2ml of a 20mg nic salt eliquid. Learn more and buy your favourite Elux disposables on Haypp!

Key Features of the Cube 600

  • - Vape Device Design: The Elux Cube 600 is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around in your pocket or bag. It is a disposable vape pen, which means you don't have to worry about charging or refilling it you can just dispose of it (responsibly) when you have used up all the eliquid. 
  • - Pre-Charged Battery: Every Cube 600 vape has a 500mAh internal battery, which can last for up to 600 puffs (depending on how often you use your vape). 
  • - E-liquid Capacity: Each Elux Cube comes pre-filled with 2ml of nic salt e-liquid.
  • - Nicotine Strength: All Elux Cube bars contain 20mg of nic salts. 
  • Flavour Options: On Haypp, you can find many different flavours of Elux Cube 600 vapes, including fruit and mint flavours. 
  • - Ease of Use: The Cube 600 is user friendly with draw-activation. Simply inhale on the mouthpiece to start vaping, making it convenient for vapers of all levels who like a mouth-to-lung compatible vape.

The Elux Cube Flavour Range

There are over 30 different top quality flavours of Elux Cube that give consistent flavour up to the last puff. 

Elux Cube Nicotine Strength 

Each Cube bar is prefilled with 20mg of nic salt eliquid. As these vapes contain a nicotine salt instead of freebase nicotine, it provides a more consistent vape experience. Each device is leak-proof and is easy to take on the move with you. 

Using an Elux Cube

Elux Cube disposable vapes require basically no set up - just remove the plastic on the mouthpiece and base of the vape. All of these vapes arrives fully charged and come prefilled with e-liquid, so you can get off to a smooth start with your Elux vape.  
Ready to get started? Here are some expert tips to make the most out of your Elux Cube:

  • - A good thing to do is take a puff to prepare the device, so you heat the coil of your vape without drawing any vapour and warm up the atomiser. 
  • - Take a slow and steady inhale. Make sure it is a steady and confident inhale, as the goal is to fill your mouth with vapour and hold it it there (as you would with a cigar). 
  • - Hold the vapour before you exhale. Once you have inhaled the vapour, hold it in your mouth for at least 3 seconds before you draw it into your lungs. 

Buying Elux Cube 600 Bars Online

You can buy your favourite Elux Cube vapes on Haypp with fast, free shipping from our UK warehouse. Order your favourite Elux bars, other disposable vapes and vape pod kits on Haypp!