On! Mixpack Nicotine Pouches

On! Mixpack Nicotine Pouches
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On! Mixpack 8 mg is a mixed pack of Three different cans of Nicotine Pouches from the brand "On!". 

On! Has risen to success with their unique cans, dry pouches and large variation of flavours.

In this mixpack you get to try the Berry, Citrus and Mint flavour.
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On! 8 mg is the strongest version of the On! pouches with 8 mg of nicotine in each pouch. Each can of On! contains 20 nicotine pouches.


The On! nicotine pouch is discrete and can be consumed anywhere.

Short facts
Brand On!
Product type All White Portion
Format Mini
Strength Strong
Flavour Mixed
Content per can (gram) 5.3
Producer Råå S