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-45% Strong Mixpack Nicotine Pouches Strong Mixpack Nicotine Pouches €11.99 €21.99
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What is nicotine pouches?

Nicotine pouches are small sachets containing nicotine, flavors, sweeteners, pH and filler adjustments. These products are becoming increasingly popular around the world.


Here at we continually offer a variety of tastes and brands to help customers find the right one. The most popular flavors are mint and citrus.


The products are also presented in different strengths of nicotine, from light to extra strong. 


Try our variety of products and find your favorite flavor and strength.

Learn more about nicotine pouches:

Nicotine pouches are small portions that are placed under the upper lip instead of going to smoke, for example. 
Nicotine pouches, Nicopods, and All-White refer to this type of product.


We believe that nicotine pouches will be the future of nicotine consumption in the EU.


Nicotine pouches do not stain teeth and belong to a wide range of flavors and strengths. The bags contain natural fibers, fresh flavors, nicotine and a little chewing gum, which makes the bag smooth so it fits discreetly on the lips.


The bags are in a box containing a number of nicotine bags. Each pouch can usually be consumed for 20-30 minutes. Each can have a content of between 6 and 18 grams. The boxed content is included in the product description for each product offered on the website.