Foxpack Nicotine Pouches

Mixpack All White Nicotine Pouches Foxpack
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Try two different versions of the popular product White Fox for the price of one. 

This pack features the already popular White Fox Mint coupled with their newest addition; White Fox Full Charge. White Fox Full Charge is the first large portion available as a nicotine pouch.

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White Fox is a brand of Nicotine Pouches produced by GN that has been on the market for the past year and grown very popular. 


The "Foxpack" contains:

Short facts
Brand Mixed
Product type Nicotine Pouches
Format Large & Slim
Strength Mixed
Flavour Mixed
Nicotine strength (mg/pouch) Mixed
Pouches per can Mixed
Weight per pouch (gram) Mixed
Content per can (gram) Mixed
Producer Mixed