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What is YOYO

What are YOYO nicotine pouches? A guide

Haypp explains what YOYO nicotine pouches are: their flavours, strengths, and packaging.

YOYO is a Swedish produced nicotine pouch brand from Nordic Noir that focuses on providing 100% natural flavours, in addition to that nicotine kick that you are looking for. These pouches also carry the rare distinction of being made in collaboration with Conny Andersson, who is a well-known snus master behind many popular and best-selling products.


What flavours and strengths does YOYO offer? 

The YOYO nicotine pouch flavours are fun, and almost a bit flirty, and each taste carries the distinct aroma of the city they are linked to.

The Havana Mojito flavour will send you to the breezy beaches of Cuba, with its siesta and fiesta vibes. This mint leaf flavour contains 4.5 mg of nicotine per pouch, and is the lowest nicotine offering that YOYO provides. This low nicotine content makes the Havana Mojito flavour perfect for those who are only beginning to venture into the nicotine pouch segment.

If you are new to nicotine pouches, please note that you may feel a slight tingling or burning sensation under your lip when you place the pouch there. This is normal and is merely part of the nicotine absorption process. You can move the pouch around a bit to alleviate this feeling. As you become more accustomed to using nicotine pouches, this feeling will disappear.

YOYO's London flavour contains a beautiful blend of strawberry, mint and lime – reminiscent of the fruity cocktails and desserts that dominate the British summer season. The London variant is labeled as regular strength, and contains 6 mg of nicotine per pouch. This makes them a viable choice for both new and regular users of nicotine pouches.

The strongest pouch that YOYO offers is the New York Mint flavour. This taste is more classical and understated – exactly like a stereotypical native New Yorker – with a traditional mint aroma. Although considered to be part of the stronger group of pouches, with a nicotine level of 7.5 mg per pouch, it is still rather lightweight for this category, and is perfect for those veteran users who want a less intense nicotine experience.


How are YOYO nicotine pouches packaged?

YOYO's cans are effortlessly cool, with scenery depicting cityscapes of the cities they represent – giving them a sophisticated and cosmopolitan feel. Each can contains 20 pouches.

The pouches themselves are Slim, and can easily be nestled underneath the top lip without detection.

As the pouches are all white and dry, they do require some saliva to start the nicotine absorption. This is easily done by placing them on your tongue before positioning them under your lip. The all white credentials mean that drip has been minimised, allowing you to enjoy the flavour and strength for longer, without any worries about staining your teeth.

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