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What is Swave

What are Swave nicotine pouches? A short guide


A guideline to Swave’s flavours, what the pouches contain, what the Slim size means, and what Swave packaging looks like.

Swave nicotine pouches are completely new to the market, as they only arrived in the autumn of 2020. They are produced by Gotlandssnus, which is well known for expressing its summery Gotland feelings through its snus – and its nicotine pouches are no different in this regard. 


What flavours does Swave offer?

Gotland is an island in Sweden, and for most Swedes it carries connotations of summer, beaches and holiday. Swave nicotine pouches hark back to this feeling with their innovative flavours of daiquiri (a fusion of pear and melon) and tropic spritz (a tropical burst of sweet pineapple). As of yet, this brand only has these two tastes available, but there are most likely more to be expected in the future as the brand settles into the market.

Currently, both of the Swave nicotine pouch variants are only available in a more intense nicotine strength of 13 mg/g, which is more suitable to veteran nicotine users than to beginners. However, again this might change as the brand becomes more established, so watch this space.

Importantly, Swave nicotine pouches are all white, which means that they will not discolour your teeth. All white also means that drip is minimised, and the flavour and strength of the nicotine is able to last for a longer period of time. 


What does the Swave packaging look like?

The cans have a very white and cool design, with a small wave on the front to indicate the flavour, and again carry us back to the beaches of Gotland. Each can contains 20 pouches and weighs 16 grams – the perfect size for your pocket or (beach) bag.


What do Swave nicotine pouches contain?

As Swave nicotine pouches are completely free of tobacco, they instead contain plant fibers as filler, which gives them that all white classification.

Of course, no nicotine pouches are complete without nicotine but, beyond this, Swave pouches also contain aromas for the flavours, water, erythritol, salt, preservatives, humectants, acidity regulators, sweeteners and citric acid – all of which are found in many food products in our local supermarkets. 

A great advantage of these ingredients is that you do not need to refrigerate your Swave nicotine pouches. They are a dry product, which means that you can conveniently carry them along with you wherever you go.

Of course, as with all dry products, do not forget to add some saliva to the product when you consume it, in order to kick start the nicotine absorption process.


Why are Swave nicotine pouches labeled as Slim?

Nicotine pouches are available in many sizes on the market, including regular, slim and mini. Swave's pouches are classified as slim, as they are smaller and more discreet than other pouch options. This means that you can place Swave nicotine pouches under your top lip with minimal bulge, so that the people around you will not even notice that you are consuming a nicotine pouch. This is just one more reason to carry nicotine pouches with you when you are out and about.

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